Ronald Reagan Freedom Speech 1964 – Ronald Reagan’s speeches and debates include the seminal oratory of the 40th President of the United States. Reagan began his career in Iowa as a radio broadcaster. In 1937, he moved to Los Angeles where he began acting, first in films and later television. After delivering a stirring speech in support of Barry Goldwater’s presidential candidacy in 1964, he was persuaded to run for governor of California, winning two years later and again in 1970. In 1980, as the Republican nominee for the presidency of the United States, he defeated the incumbent. Jimmy Carter. He was re-elected in a landslide in 1984, announcing it was “Morning in America”. Reagan left office in 1989.

After graduating from Eureka College in Illinois, Reagan first moved to Iowa to work as a radio broadcaster. Th, in 1937, to California where he began a career as an actor, first in films and later television.

Ronald Reagan Freedom Speech 1964

In 1964 Reagan supported the campaign of conservative presidential contender Barry Goldwater. In his speech, “A Time for Choosing”, Reagan emphasized the need for smaller government. The speech raised 1 million dollars for Goldwater

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It also marked the shift of the Republican Party from a moderate ideology to a “western ideology with more political buzz.”

At the first Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 1974 Reagan addressed the attendees saying “We Will Be As a Shining City upon a Hill”, referring to John Winthrop’s use of the City upon a Hill trope from Matthew 5:14 ; with the addition of “shine” it became Reagan’s trademark expression.

In 1980 Reagan challenged Jimmy Carter for the presidency of the United States. During their only debate, Reagan used the phrase, “There you go again.” The line emerged as one defining phrase of the 1980 presidential election.

The phrase has remained in the political vocabulary in news headlines, as a way of quickly referring to various presidential candidates raising specific issues repeatedly during debates, or to Reagan himself.

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The Associated Press wrote in 2008: “Reagan was a master of seizing a debate that everyone will remember. His ‘come back’ line silenced his opponent’s attack.”

In a famous address on June 8, 1982, to the British Parliament in the Royal Gallery of the Palace of Westminster, Reagan said, “the march forward of freedom and democracy will leave Marxism-Leninism on the ashes of history.”

Reagan ran for re-election in 1984. The Democratic nominee was Walter Mondale. Reagan performed poorly in the first debate, but bounced back in the second debate, and faced questions about his age, asking, “I’m not going to make age an issue of this campaign. I’m not going to exploit, for political purposes, on the youth of my opponents. and inexperience,” which provoked applause and laughter, even from Mondale himself.

If TV can tell the truth, as you say it can, you’ll see that I’m smiling. But I think if you get in close, you’ll see tears coming down because I knew he got me there. That was really my campaign that night, I think. [I told my wife] the campaign was over, and it was.[13]

Chapter 25: Internal Security And Civil Liberties

The disintegration of the Space Shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986, was a central issue in the Reagan presidency. All astronauts on board were killed.

On the night of the disaster, Reagan delivered a speech, written by Peggy Noonan, in which he said:

The future does not belong to the faint-hearted; it belongs to the brave… We will never forget them, or the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and said goodbye and ‘slipped the bonds of the Earth’ to ‘touch the face of God.'[15]

On June 12, 1987, he gave a speech at the Wall where he challenged Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to “Tear down this wall!” Reagan’s staff objected to the phrase, but Reagan overruled them, saying, “I think we’ll let it in.”

Reagan’s Farewell Speech

Although there is some disagreement as to how much influence Reagan’s words had on the destruction of the wall, the speech is remembered as an important moment in Cold War history and was listed by Time magazine as one of the greatest speeches in history.

Reagan’s effectiveness as a public speaker earned him the moniker, “Great Communicator.” Former Reagan speechwriter K Khachigian wrote, “What made him a Great Communicator was Ronald Reagan’s determination and ability to educate his hearing, to bring his ideas to life by using pictures and word pictures to make his propositions alive to the mind’s eye. In short: he was America’s Teacher.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt, from whom Reagan often borrowed, ushered in a new era of presidential communication by broadcasting his “fireside talks” on the newly invited radio. Reagan, in his time, put his own stamp on presidential communications by harnessing the power of broadcast television.

He used skills developed during his radio, film and television career, and according to Lou Cannon, Reagan set the standard in using television to promote his presidency.”

Mourning America: What My Father, Ronald Reagan, Would Say Today [opinion]

Khachigian identified three qualities that fostered Reagan’s success. He described Reagan’s voice as “a fine merlot gently poured into a crystal goblet.” Reagan, a trained actor, excelled “camera presce.” Khachigan found Reagan’s ability to create word pictures crucial in communicating with his hearing.

Reagan said it was his “empathy” with the American people that made him an effective communicator and leader. Reagan was able to connect with people through storytelling. Although this simple form of communication led detractors like Clark Clifford to label Reagan a “friendly dance”, Michael K. Deaver liked this dismissive approach to a “secret weapon.”

Late in his political career, Reagan reflected on the moniker “Great Communicator.” In his farewell address he said:

I wasn’t a great communicator, but I communicated great things, and they didn’t bloom fully from my brow, they came from the heart of a great nation – from our experience, our wisdom and our belief in the principles that have guided us for two years. Speeches [edit]

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“Time to Choose”. In this televised speech Reagan emphasized his belief in smaller government saying, “The Founding Fathers knew that a government cannot control the economy without controlling the people. And they knew that if a government intended to do that, it must use force and compulsion to achieve that. its purpose. So we have come to a time to choose.” The speech launched Reagan’s political career.

“California and the Government Growth Problem”. In his gubernatorial inaugural address he outlined his direction for the state saying, “California’s cost of government is too high. It’s adversely affecting our business climate. We’re going to squeeze and cut and trim until we reduce the cost governmt.”

“We Will Be As a City on a Hill” is a line from a speech delivered by Reagan at the first Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that would become his signature saying.

“Let Them Go Their Way”. In the wake of heavy Republican losses in 1974 Reagan opposes suggestions to “broaden the base.” At the CPAC convtion Reagan addressed the moderates saying “let them go their way.”

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“To Restore America”. In a challenge to President Gerald Ford, Reagan announces his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in this televised address.

“A shining city on a hill”. Reagan’s impromptu concession speech at the 1976 Republican National Convention has been called “the defining mother of the Reagan Revolution.”

“The New Republican Party” was a speech delivered at CPAC in which Reagan calls for the expansion of the Republican Party to African Americans.

“Time to Recapture Our Destiny”. The president’s nomination acceptance speech at the 1980 Republican National Convtion. About Democratic opponent Jimmy Carter he said, “Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is what you lose. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his job.”

Ronald Reagan’s ‘time For Choosing’ Speech: 11 Quotes That Still Matter 50 Years Later

He addressed the country’s economic malaise arguing: “In this ongoing crisis, government is not the answer to our problems; government is the problem.” Written by Reagan and K Khachigian.

The first State of the Union Address. Reagan spoke on economic issues in 1981 instead of the State of the Union address.

The speech is known for Reagan’s proposal to increase the power of the states, dubbed the “New Federation” by the media.

Address to the British Parliament. Notable for Reagan’s use of the phrase “the ash heap of history” when predicting the fall of the Soviet Union. The phrase was suggested by Tony Dolan

The Greatest Speeches Of Ronald Reagan

He accused the Soviets of “tyranny,” “ruthless oppression” and “atrocities.” He ended by saying, “We must serve mankind through guine disarmamt.”

“Address to the Nation on Strategic Arms Reduction and Nuclear Deterrence.” Reagan announces that MX missiles will be used.

In the State of the Union Address in 1983 Reagan emphasized that the economy was “on the md.” He warned that deficits were “a clear and continuing danger to the basic health of the republic” and recommended a far-reaching freeze on spdng.

A speech delivered to the National Association of Evangelicals. First use of the description “Evil Empire.” The speech was written by Tony Dolan.

Reagan’s Illinois: A Place Of Honor, Integrity, Kindness

1984 State of the Union Address. Reagan reports that the economy is in full recovery and calls on Congress to work together to reduce deficits. He announces plans to build a space station saying, “We can follow our

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