Equipment For Professional Recording Studio – When it comes time to record in a professional recording studio, you want to make sure you make the right choice. These tips for choosing a studio will put you on track.

You have the songs. You’ve logged the miles, played the gigs and built your following. Now it’s time to record. But how do you choose the right recording studio? Good question! You want to choose wisely because this is for posterity after all.

Equipment For Professional Recording Studio

Finding and choosing the right recording studio is both a right-brain and left-brain activity. There are practical sides and there are emotional sides to the equation. Here are four things to consider when shopping for a recording studio:

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Get to know the people behind the studio – the owners and the staff. If you​​​​are not working with your own audio engineer, get to know the studio engineer and find out if you are a good fit. Talk about music, experiences, and find out how it aligns. If there are areas where you are incompatible, ask yourself if it will be a roadblock or helpful in bringing a different perspective to the recording process.

There are two sides to deciding if the facility is a good fit – the practical and the inspirational. Ask yourself practical questions like: is the live room big enough for the band? Do I need multiple isolation rooms? Where is it located? Are there hotels, restaurants and entertainment nearby?

On the inspirational side, ask questions like: do I like the atmosphere here? Do I like the way the rooms sound? Will I be comfortable performing here? Is there room to relax? What is unique about the facility? For example, at Hybrid Studios, an artist can record a song in our recording studio, then walk next door and record a music video on our sound stage. As an artist, try to take advantage of the specific advantages that different facilities offer.

You will certainly want to evaluate studio equipment to determine if it fits your wants and needs. Do they have high quality professional recording equipment that will produce good results? Is there a vintage gear available? Are there multiple monitoring systems for playback? How is the mic collection?

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Of course, money is an important consideration. Keep in mind that the cheapest rates do not always mean the worst quality, and the highest rates do not guarantee the best results. The key is to know what you are getting and make sure you are comfortable with it. Plan for contingencies by including an extra 10-15% buffer in your budget. Things come up, and you may need more time, extra equipment, have some breakdowns, etc.

Now that you’re armed with the right questions to evaluate a recording studio, what’s next? Call the studio and schedule a tour. Check out their website and social media pages. Ask for references – bands, artists, producers and engineers who have recorded in the facility and have an understanding of acoustics and gear.

Listen to music recorded in the studio. Watch videos produced in the studio. Then sit down, make a list, and rate the studio in the above categories. Ultimately, your research, thoughts and gut feeling will lead to an ideal studio experience.

Hybrid Studios is fully integrated multimedia production facility located in Orange County, CA. For more great advice and information, visit her at The Dubbing King software provides several Audio-Visual Translation (AVT) modes. It is used for subtitling, translation and the dubbing processes.

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Will probably just confuse you. So if you don’t have a studio yet, a simple bedroom studio is the first milestone to strive for. And for a setup like this you need the following 9 items:

These days, since recording studios are almost ALL digital… The first thing you need is a computer. And while you can just use any old computer, at first… You should eventually invest in the best you can afford. Because today’s DAWs can be difficult to process sources. And making full use of its features requires a blazing fast computer. So if you’re ready to upgrade, here’s what I recommend:

The digital audio workstation is the primary software used to record, edit and mix music on your computer. Originally designed to mimic the look-and-feel of analog mixing boards from the pre-digital era… Their visual design has remained basically the same ever since.

Pro Tools, which is by far the most famous DAW, great for studios of all levels…but it’s far from the

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Depending on your budget and music style, the best one for you may be one of about 10 possible options.3. Audio interface.

In-home studios though, these “all-in-one” budget interfaces can be a great way to save money, and still get exactly what you need.

The oldest item on this list by far… Microphones have been around long before recording studios ever existed. Yet ironically, in all these years, very little has changed about them. And many of the top models from half a century ago are still below today’s industry standards.

Unlike most studio gear, headphones are one item we are all familiar with. At least…that’s what most people assume. But truth is, while you may have a great pair of “consumer” headphones… For pro audio, there are 2 special types of studio headphones meant for 2 very

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Speakers, which usually accentuate certain frequency bands to improve the listening experience for certain audiences… Studio monitors are designed with the

In a typical pro studio, you’ll likely find hundreds of cables… With dozens of connectors you’ve probably never heard of. And the time will come when you have more cables than you can count. The good news is… in the beginning all you need is 3:8. Microphone Standards

The same concept applies to microphone stands as it does to studio cables. Eventually you will have many. But for now, all you need is 1 or 2. And while you might assume all stands are the same… They come in many shapes and sizes, each designed for specific tasks

Although pop filters are not “essential” for a bedroom studio… For some strange reason all newbies seem to want one. And most probably don’t even know what they’re in for. So let me explain… One peculiar fact about your mouth is that it emits a strong burst of air when you pronounce “p” or “b” sounds. In normal conversation you don’t even notice it. But when you sing into a microphone, that boom is heard as a low-frequency “thump” known as popping, which is both unpleasant to the ears and unacceptable on a recording. Pop filters are designed to solve this problem by catching the blast of air before it hits the diaphragm of the mic.

How To Choose A Recording Studio

After recording music in a simple bedroom studio for a few months… You’ll probably notice a few things that blow your mind. Besides the fact that your workspace is extremely tight… Your biggest problem is probably that all your music sounds like it was recorded… well…

! And after doing some research to find out what is going wrong… You will undoubtedly conclude that you now need a dedicated space for your studio… Where you can cultivate both a creative environment that your workflow  or an acoustic environment that allows you to enhance recordings sounds at least semi-decent. So when that time comes, here are the 8 KEY items you need:

The biggest problem with the studio we just set up… is that it only offers a few input channels. What this means is… it will be very difficult to record one person at a time… And you cannot record acoustic drums, which can easily require 8 or more mics depending on the size of the kit. A studio of this caliber is fine for yourself and maybe one other person, but anything more and you’ll need some new gear. The other issue with our current studio is speed/efficiency… If you​​​​​​are recording a lot, or you expect to charge clients by the hour… you need to be able to work in a relatively time-efficient way. What is harder to do without certain tools?

For 99.9% of us, STAGE 3 will have been the final level of our journey. Because the truth is…it’s hard to be successful in the pro audio business. And most of us aren’t looking to be professionals anyway. But since many of you are at least curious about it, I might as well give you a few examples of how pro studios differ from amateur studios.

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Hidden within your audio interface and many other devices in your studio… Is a device known as a digital converter that has 2 simple tasks:

The reason you may not have heard of it is… in 99% of cases digital converters exist as a side function within

In pro studios with big budgets, it’s common to find high-end standalone digital converters costing several thousand dollars each… Will it be the difference between a good mix and a bad one? Probably not. But for professionals every little advantage counts.2. Master clocks

Another little known device hidden inside almost every digital recording device is… Whenever you connect digital signals from two or more devices… The individual digital “samples” must synchronize perfectly. Otherwise, the resulting audio is full of annoying “clicks” and “pops” from the misaligned samples. In most setups,  the audio interface clock defaults to the  master, and the others as  slaves. That means one clock leads, and the others follow.

Why Professional Studios Matter?

However, with more complex systems,

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