Home Gardening Workshop – When it comes to healthy food, the top question on everyone’s mind is where to find the best organic produce in town? To which the Magic Bean’s answer is, “why don’t you grow your own”!!

For most people, growing their own food on balconies, patios, pots or the ground seems difficult, unimaginable. Common concerns about fertility are always the same “Doesn’t it smell” “How do you make an apartment”?

Home Gardening Workshop

Want to be equipped with the knowledge to grow your own herbs and vegetables? Want to turn a vacant lot into an environmentally sustainable, edible garden? Do you think gaining experience by doing it yourself will help you?

Kids Gardening Workshop — Falls Retreat

Then this is the perfect garden workshop for you. Learn to create your own edible garden in this 2.5 hour workshop with Magic Bean organic gardeners.

The workshop focuses on growing food in small urban areas and aims to reduce and simplify the process of growing food and making it. The goal is to give people the tools and skills to compost and grow their own vegetables with confidence. The way the workshop is structured, it creates confidence in the participants to try and not get discouraged once they fail and keep trying until it works.

In the 2.5-hour workshop, there will be four mini-series in which participants will be shown the HOW and the WHY along with the WHAT – such as the science and theory along with the practical steps of learn how to do it.

Magic Bean brings the magic of growing its own food into people’s lives. The founders, Archana Meiyappan, Kavitha Ramakrishnan and Priya Gopalen, agriculturalists, came together with a vision to build a movement of people growing their own food using sustainable methods in urban areas. They work with various groups and institutions, facilitating the process of converting open spaces into sustainable and ecologically edible farms.

Organic Gardening Workshop Series

They conducted several workshops with groups of experienced and novice farmers to elicit feedback. Their articles on gardening, gardening and pest control appear in the Hindu Habitat Section of Property Plus. Start your Sustainable Journey here. Find out more about urban gardening, making your own soap, organic vegetable gardening, cooking from scratch, organic living, shopping online for farm products.

“I was stressed every time I used chemical-laden cleaners. I always wanted to lead a lifestyle that did not harm others as much as possible… I have to say that, your class that taught me to make bio enzyme is game changer! I appreciate your efforts to handle every step of the process. Your support and encouragement are the reasons for my guilt-free lifestyle now! And, I have to say that, you are one of the best teachers ever! Thank you so much, Kalpana!

“There are endless workshops and tutorials for everything under the sun. And the sheer number of choices makes it difficult to decide which one to go for. However, I can attest that I did. A wise choice when I go to Kalpana’s beginner’s workshop. It is simple and complete and most importantly it does not overwhelm the newbies. What sets it apart is the support team of the month. The activities bring doubts, questions and challenges. But knowing that she and other farmers are still available to help you along the way is very comforting and encouraging.

“As a beginner in sustainability & zero waste, I learned a lot from this 30 day mentoring program. It was amazingly full of new information, presented in an easy to learn and engaging way. The course was well organized. organized, covering various aspects of sustainability. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking for a change towards sustainability. Online may give us a lot of information, we may end up confused where and how to maro , a program like this will help to start. Kalpana is a great mentor , learning from a practitioner makes her life easier . Thank you Kalpana , for supporting & guiding me I hope to go deeper.”

How To Build Your Own Garden Workshop

“Thank you for introducing us to beautiful recipes. We never knew that everyday cooking could be done at home and it was so easy to prepare. Since I learned to make bread, we stopped buying it. The market. Your recipe is a complete hit. The dessert is to die for. My mom who doesn’t care much about sweets, now she can’t have her bread without it. The pasta was also very easy, it was unbelievable. Now , I make pasta and bread, from scratch at home, which is absolutely loved by all. The other dishes we learned were also very simple, easy to make and good.. Most importantly, I I realized that shopping at the market is unnecessary. Making it at home is so much fun and easy, and at the same time, nutritious. I don’t have to worry about what I’m feeding my family. So, thank you again. You have opened up a whole new world of cooking from scratch. “

“Your soaps arrived this weekend and when I opened the box, the smell of sandalwood came out of my house and I really felt the love and care that went into the whole process. Now I have to tell you that usually, after the shower, I have to send the perfume to My skin doesn’t dry out. But after using your soap, not at all! I just love the fresh smell. My son loves the sandalwood scent and he loudly declared that I will use this soap in the future. I just made another order and I know I will be back. more!!

Sometimes, we struggle to find all the right things that we need, be it for gardening, kitchen, blogging etc. This is my attempt to organize these and share them with anyone looking for that information.

So, these are some of my favorites and are things I use every day or things I would buy myself. Click to learn more

Urban Veggie Garden Workshop

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As we have evolved, there have been many ways to plant and grow different types of plants and this comes with practical techniques that you will learn here!

Welcome to the Garden Workshop for all, beginners, plant parents, as well as small gardeners who want to learn new cultures. Many people turned to him

As the safest way to reduce exposure to hazards and protect themselves.

Terrace Gardening Workshop

Whether you are thinking of growing your own organic food or starting your own commercial gardening business, this workshop will teach you how to do it all from scratch!

By the end of this workshop, you will learn the basics and have a step-by-step guide on how to manage your garden efficiently. So, for those who are really interested in setting up their own garden at home and don’t yet have the know-how, this is where you should start. You really only need 1 hour a day!

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Garden Mastery: Companion Planting — Folklore Or Scientific Fact?

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