Home Improvement Jennifer – You know how people repeat affirmations to themselves in the mirror to boost their confidence and mood? We have a similar process, but we’re more like, “I have longer, stronger lashes. My lashes are long and beautiful. Long, long, long.” If our mascara hasn’t worked, we might as well try to show them off, right?

False ones are a pain and often look too dramatic or false, and eyelash extensions are even more painful, not to mention expensive. We just want a quick and easy way to lengthen our daily lashes. Is that too much to ask? For a while it seemed like the answer was yes, but this Ilia mascara is changing our minds!

Home Improvement Jennifer

We already knew that Olivia Wilde was a big fan of this mascara, but recently Jennifer Aniston’s facialist Melanie Simon revealed it as one of her favorite beauty products to Who What Wear as well. “This is my absolute favorite lengthening mascara,” she said of the Ilia bestseller. “It’s literally almost as good as extensions and I can’t live without it.”

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Of course, the product’s fan base doesn’t end there. It currently has over 4,200 reviews on the Ilia site, and the number grows every time we check. Buyers say this mascara “has done wonders” for their lashes and has become a “true holy grail mascara” for them. They say it “goes on like a dream” and when they go out they “keep getting asked if [their] lashes are real or fake”!

This mascara claims to “exceed the expectations of any natural mascara”. Designed to be buildable, non-flaky and lightweight to remove hard, spidery lashes, it claims to lift, curl, lengthen and volumize in one swipe for a quick and effective shine. It is cruelty free, pure, ophthalmologist tested and uses 100% natural dye. Its formula is also nourishing and consists of organic beeswax and carnauba waxes, shea butter and arginine (keratin) that condition, strengthen and soften even the last lashes without disturbing sensitive eyes!

Even the brush on this mascara is next level. Ilia tested over 100 rods before deciding on this double sided brush. One side has short bristles to curl and add volume, while the longer bristles on the other side can lengthen and separate lashes for results you may never have thought possible with mascara alone. Curl before use for an even more stunning result!

Looking for something else? Check out the brand’s Fullest Volumizing Mascara here and check out all of Ilia’s bestsellers here!

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The character first appeared in February 1976, played by child actress Maren Stephenson. It was then recast with Jennifer Peterson from December 1977 to July 1979, when the character was written out of the series. Jennifer returned in October 1985, played by Melissa Reeves. There was an interim remake between 1995 and 1998, with Stephanie Cameron briefly taking over the reins, and in October 2020, Cady McClain stepped into the role. After McClain stepped down in February 2021, Reeves returned to reprise the role in December for another short stint. However, when the character returned in June 2022, McClain played the role.

Jennifer Rose Horton is the daughter of Bill Horton and Laura Horton. He was born during a blizzard when Jennifer was just a few years old, and his mother – whose mental state was deteriorating – put the puppy alone on a bus. When Laura was sent to a psychiatric facility, Jennifer was also sent away from Salem. He returned as a troubled teenager in 1985, and after his brother Dr. Mike Horton rescued him from a stalker, he moved in with his grandparents, Tom and Alice Horton. She had a platonic relationship with classmate Glenn Gallagher, but developed feelings for Frankie Brady. And like most teenagers, they spent their time preventing robberies and busting a prostitution ring. Like you. When Jennifer’s father Bill returned to Salem and tried to take over her life, she rebelled by getting engaged to Frankie. But when she learned of her mother’s and grandmother’s mental health problems, she worried about passing it on to her own children and broke off the engagement. They dated briefly, but Eve Donovan revealed the relationship Frankie had after they broke up and Jennifer broke up with him for good.

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Working as an intern at the Salem Spectator, Jennifer grew close to Jack Deveraux, but she didn’t admit her feelings for him. She ended up engaged to Emilio and a desperate Jack kidnapped her on her wedding day! When Jennifer was injured trying to escape, Jack poured his heart out to her. And when he saved her life during a betrayal cruise, they made love for the first time. But then Lawrence Alamain came to town and she thought he believed her to be the heir. They quickly married and he raped her. Jack rescued Jennifer and they eventually got engaged, although she called it off because she couldn’t admit that she had been abused. Jack married Eve to help her get the inheritance, but they broke up when Jennifer came clean and accused Lawrence of rape. Jack and Jennifer eventually married, and she later gave birth to their daughter, Abigail Deveraux.

When Abigail was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, Jack was horrified that he had allowed the toxic waste dump that caused it and left town. Jennifer began dating Peter Blake and they eventually married. Jack came back and tried to prove that Peter was up to no good, but nothing happened until he caught a thug planning to drug Jennifer and take her out of the country. Jack shot Peter and was sentenced to life in prison for murder. When he got out of prison, Jennifer ran away with him and they joined a circus before moving to Africa. After a tour of Ireland, Jennifer returned to Salem with Bo Brady, and Jack soon joined them to complete their family. Although she initially resisted, Jennifer became Mrs. Deveraux again.

Jennifer was devastated when Jack was murdered by the Salem Stalker, and when she learned that the baby she was carrying could have mental and physical deformities, she refused to terminate the pregnancy and lose the last part of Jack she had left. After finding Jack alive on Melaswen Island and surviving a plane crash to get there! – Jennifer and Jack welcomed their son, Jack Patrick, Jr., better known as JJ Deveraux. Although Jack was presumed dead again on the way back to Salem, he turned up alive and Jack and Jennifer left for London with JJ.

In 2010, Jennifer returned to Salem to say goodbye to her grandmother Alice before she passed away. He returned home later that year to help his friend Hope Brady, who had been imprisoned. Jennifer used her journalism skills to expose an organ trafficking scam in prison and ended up being one of the victims! Her heart was removed from her body, but Dr. Daniel Jonas helped put it back in and save her life. Not only was Jennifer grateful to the handsome doctor, she also began flirting and dating him after finalizing her divorce from Jack. But then Jack came home and revealed that he had been a prisoner in Afghanistan. Daniel saw that Jennifer was torn and released her. Unfortunately, as Jack and Jennifer reconnected, Jack died saving Abigail from a collapsing elevator when a series of explosions rocked Salem.

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Nicole Walker, who was carrying Daniel’s child, was jealous of Jennifer’s growing closeness with her beau, and after losing her baby, argued with Jen so she could fall down the stairs and blame her for the miscarriage. When the truth was revealed, Nicole was supportive

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