How To Build Your Own Home Gym – Disclaimer: This post covers weight gain and loss, body image, and other nutrition/fitness related topics. So if you are someone who is sensitive to this type of content, just look at the photos or skip them altogether.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on my blog about how 2020 was a tough year for my body but I was ready to get back in the game fitness wise. That was the first few days of the year when my dry January was in full swing, I was working out every morning and eating really well…

How To Build Your Own Home Gym

Cut to the next week as an unprecedented storm swept through my town, knocking down tons of trees in my yard, destroying tons of homes, and cutting the power for more than a week. I spent a few days in my freezing cold house with no internet or electricity before I gave up and headed to LA to do some housekeeping with a friend who was out of town. I came back a few days later and spent a few hours cleaning up the mess from a week without power (you’d be surprised how dirty your house gets if you can’t see anything because there are no lights). A few hours later a snow storm started that eventually dumped 10 feet of snow on my house and trapped me inside (at a certain point I just stopped shoveling because the snow was coming down faster than I could get rid of it and I was getting sick , because it was cold and wet for so many days).

Build A Budget Friendly At Home Gym With These Tips From Celebrity Trainer Erin Oprea

The blizzard drama ended when I dug a tunnel out of my garage, hiked down some snowmobile tracks with a bunch of bags on my back while my dog ​​pulled me down the hill, and was picked up by two of my aunts who live an hour away in a warm one be brought to shelter and (GASP) have internet access!

That story isn’t really relevant to what I want to talk about today – how to create a fun, functional gym that actually makes you want to work out. But it has to do with an issue that I think is important when it comes to approaching fitness: giving yourself a break when you need to. What did I do when I was trapped in my cold house with no way to warm up food? I ate whatever nonperishable junk I had lying around that didn’t need to be heated (

Hello Goldfish Crackers I bought this for my nephew when he was visiting only to find he was too fancy to eat Goldfish Crackers!

). With no water and no way to shower, my motivation to lift weights at my gym decreased. And what do you do when the sun goes down at 4:30 p.m., your house is pitch black and you have no cell phone signal because the tower fell? Sip wine and think about the past while snuggling up with your pup, duh!

Lancashire Home Gym

My full-time job, exercising, and thoughtful eating kind of went out the window (remember, the snowstorm made it literally impossible for me to leave my house for days, and there was no electricity or heat – my neighbors who have done it for 30 years lived here and said nothing like it happened in all her time here). But I think for many of us, 2020 was like that. Every time we undid the chaos of the last disaster, another disaster came right after, making it difficult for us to be as resilient, motivated, and healthy as we wanted to be. And that’s why it’s so important not only to forgive ourselves for not necessarily always being at our best, but also to celebrate ourselves for the resilience we’ve shown while just getting through a truly awful time.

A lot of people were feeling a lot less healthy at the end of 2020, and I know that weight gain was a common symptom. I’ve had my own fair share of body dysmorphic and self-esteem issues, so I want to be careful how I phrase all of this. I’m not going to portray the 30 pounds I’ve gained as an inherently bad thing — I actually think I look good, and I’m more annoyed that my clothes don’t fit than that I’m fatter. For me, the real fitness crisis is how I feel. Tired, depressed, just literally depressed. In trying to fix my health depression in 2020, I tried to start from a place of self-acceptance and approach wellness from a more encouraging, psychological perspective. And I wanted that sensitivity to be reflected in my own gym.

Fitness and weight gain was something I really struggled with for a long time. The first diet I ever went on was when I was 12. And since then I’ve had a rollercoaster of relationship with my body, my physical appearance and my body’s inexorable desire to be overweight. I’ve never had that as an adult

Have been on a diet or extreme exercise program. And the only gift that 2020 brought was that I completely fell off that wagon and it gave me some space to actually think about what the most mindful approach to my own well-being should be.

Home Gym Ideas And Gym Rooms To Empower Your Workouts

The first thing I had to overcome when I started planning my gym was guilt. I think a lot of us have this problem of feeling guilty for spending time and money on things that seem to only benefit us. I could also hear my parents’ voices in my ears saying things like “DO YOU REALLY NEED TO BUY THIS $1500 WEIGHT SET???” Like many people, my finances were a mess during Covid so it felt a little scary to spend a lot of money on a home gym. But my work, my entire business and everything that makes me money depends solely on my creativity, my personality, my leadership and my energy. And ALL of those things depend on me being happy, healthy, and able to be productive AF.

It’s impossible to be productive when you’re physically depressed because you eat poorly and don’t exercise enough. Although it felt irresponsible to spend thousands of dollars to prepare this room in my house, I knew I had to do it or I wouldn’t be able to get out of my 2020 funk. And if I didn’t get out of my physical crisis in 2020, I wouldn’t get out of my professional crisis in 2020 either.

So I approached the design of my gym with one goal in mind: fun and positivity. I wanted my gym to feel silly, inviting, bright, colorful, and encouraging. Which brings me to the reason I brought you all here today!

. Remember I developed these based on who I am and how I train. Some of you may be more interested in yoga or cycling or other forms of exercise than I am, so your gym could look very different. But for me, the combination of these essentials has made my gym a place where I enjoy spending time. Follow us, why not, and see what they are!

How To Build Your Own Home Weights Gym

My first memories of gyms were from my high school, which looked more like a prison than an actual prison (concrete, rusted metal, no windows) and the small gym in Yosemite, which was less depressing but had terribly bright neon lights, that made you doubt your will to live every time you entered. So I knew my gym should be colourful, bright and cheerful. I knew if I didn’t put it in a room with lots of sunlight, I would never want to go in there. For this reason I chose the smallest guest room on the (sunniest) south side of my house. I realize that having an entire random room in your house that can be turned into a gym is a huge luxury. But I think these tips can be incorporated into even the smallest of spaces, from a corner of your bedroom to the garage – the most important thing is to put some time and thought into designing your workout space so you really look forward to spending it time in it.

As the clumsy, last-choice kid for the team, anything athletic always felt alienating and somehow overwhelmed. And that kind of carried over into my adult life until I started going to gyms and trying things out on my own. I’m by no means a “fitspo” expert or anything, but I found joy in the workout as I overcame the alienation caused by years of childhood trauma. I imagine some people feel the same way when they enter a gym, a space where muscles and traditional heteronormative masculinity are the norm. I wanted my gym to feel like the opposite of the typical intimidating gym. So I painted it in a color traditionally associated with femininity and gayness, PINK!

One of my favorite things to do when trying to make sense of a space

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