Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring For Stairs – If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I’m a big fan of luxury vinyl plank flooring. Since I share a lot about it, I’ve had plenty of questions thrown my way. Rightfully so, since LVP still seems to have a new flooring trend. I thought I’d put some of the most frequently asked LVP questions in one place for easy reference. If you’re looking for new flooring (or even some great home decor ideas), keep reading because I’ve got information on SURRACES Expo you can attend too.

We used Provenza MaxCore waterproof LVP in the color Finally Mine in our house, and I love it so much! You can read more about it in my posts about How to Choose the Best Vinyl Plank Flooring and my Provenza Vinyl Plank Flooring Review.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring For Stairs

What is luxury vinyl plank (LVP)? A luxury vinyl plank is a vinyl floor that looks like wood. It is waterproof, making it suitable for installation in kitchens and bathrooms.

Fauna Luxury Vinyl Planks

Is vinyl plank better than laminate? Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but, in my opinion, the advantages of vinyl plank make it better than laminate. The laminate could look a little more realistic, but it’s a better choice for me due to the waterproof properties of vinyl plank and a wear-resistant scratch layer.

How much does it cost to install vinyl plank flooring? How much vinyl plank flooring installation costs will depend on how it is installed and where you are located. The most common type of what happens when LVP together like laminate. If you do a floating installation (vs glue down), expect to pay about $1-$3 per square foot for installation. We live in California, and we put it in for $2.00/sf. That was the best price we got.

Can you install vinyl plank flooring on stairs? Yes, vinyl plank flooring can be installed on stairs. You will need to choose a brand that sells a stair nosing that coordinates with your choice of flooring. (The part that goes along the edge of each step is a stair nosing.) Each of the Provenza Maxcore waterproof LVP collections has options for different trims (including stair nosing).

Can you install vinyl plank flooring in the bathroom? Yes! One of the best things about vinyl plank flooring is that it is waterproof! You can install it in the bathroom and kitchen without worrying about it getting a little wet. Make sure to clean up spills and accidents quickly (I have small children), and don’t use any harsh chemicals on the floor.

Project Source 1.88 In X 78.7 In Quince Finished Vinyl Stair Nosing In The Stair Nosing Department At

Can you place heavy furniture on vinyl plank flooring? Yes, you can place heavy furniture on vinyl plank flooring. However, you must take steps to protect your floors from damage. Use felt pads under furniture legs, especially under chairs. If you have a piano, or anything heavy on wheels (wheels), you’ll want to use caster cups to distribute the weight.

Does vinyl plank flooring scratch easily? This, again, will depend on the type of vinyl plank flooring you get. The wear layer on the floor probably determines the scratch resistance. If you’re worried about scratching, I’d get something with a 20 mile wear layer.

Can you put rugs on vinyl plank floors? Yes, you can put rugs on vinyl plank floors, but you need to make sure it’s the right kind. You don’t want anything with a rubber backing unless it specifically says it’s safe for vinyl flooring. The same is true of rugby pads. The chemicals can react with the vinyl floor and turn it yellow. Use only non-staining mats.

Does luxury vinyl plank reduce home value? This is a tough question because the value of a home is determined by an appraiser (at least here in California) who may have their own opinions about what things are worth. me

How To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring In 4 Easy Steps

To tell you that when we sold our house before, we didn’t get any positive or negative value on having the LVP valuation compared to other houses. If you are very concerned about this, I recommend talking to a local assessor. They would be able to give you the most timely and accurate answer.

Does vinyl flooring look cheap? If you’re talking about sheet vinyl that has to be cut into sections and glued down, then yes, I’d say that’s probably a cheaper floor. Luxury vinyl plank is definitely a far cry from sheet vinyl though. With realistic textures and patterns, I don’t think you’ll be able to tell the difference between good LVP and laminate flooring. Get some samples and test it out for yourself! I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Can you use a steam mop on vinyl plank floors? No, you should not use a steam mop on vinyl plank floors. The heat can damage the planks and is not recommended. Check out my post on How to Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring for more on that.

Now for some exciting news! If you can make it to the Las Vegas area, there’s a big floor covering, stone and tile event going on from January 27th – January 30th. Come on over for design inspiration and see all the latest products. Click here to get a free demo pass, courtesy of Provenza Floors!

Luxury Vinyl Tile Design: Factors To Consider For Layout

Provenza Floors will have a booth set up to showcase their Maxcore LVP and new QR code feature. I think the QR code feature is so neat! Before this came out, when we were shopping for flooring, I found myself doing internet searches for floor after floor looking for more information and photos. With the new QR codes on each sample, you can now use your phone’s camera to scan the code and instantly get information and videos about what the installed floors look like.

It is so convenient! Check out this article from Floor Covering News to read more about it and be sure to check out Provenza Flooring when shopping for new flooring.

Can you tell me the name of the floor in the picture with the section? I love it!

You caught my attention when you mentioned that luxury pink vinyl flooring is scratch resistant and waterproof. These two advantages alone make me think that getting some for my renovation project can make my life easier because stains and scratches are the most common disasters in my house. With this in mind, I will start looking for any flooring contractors that offer this so we can install some right away.

Provenza Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

It is definitely the new trend in flooring, so you should be able to find someone easily. I hope you love it as much as I do!

I’m in So CA and I put Provenza in the house. Now trying to do the stairs. Who was your installer?

@Jessica @Cutesy Crafts, Hello! Love your floor. I live in Northern California and would love the name of your installer 😊. Did you buy the floor yourself or did the installer recommend it? Thank you

Ooh it will look beautiful! I’m in Northern CA, and it was just a local guy. Email me if you want his name, but he probably isn’t traveling that far. 😉

Can You Laminate Stairs?

Hello!!! We are remodeling our house and discussing which floors. Thank you very much for all the information!! How much $ sq ft was the vinyl?

That will vary depending on the area where you live. I recommend calling several retailers to get quotes. The process was not as quick as we would have liked and I will share that little hiccup with you later.

I hope to give you a fairly easy step by step process on how to do this yourself. Trust me, you can do it!!

This blog post contains affiliate links. This helps to maintain and keep this blog running. If you have any questions, feel free to read my disclosures. Thank you!

Vinyl Flooring On Stairs (pros And Cons)

When we built our house 3 years ago having LVP flooring on the stairs or second floor was not an option. Looking back I’m glad it wasn’t because it would have cost a lot more through the builder.

I went ahead and got an estimate and as usual, when I got the quote on how much it would cost to remove the carpet and install LVP flooring on our stairs we decided this was going to be DIY for us.

The first step is pretty obvious 😂 you need to remove the existing carpet from the stairs. I’m not going to lie I didn’t do this part. My husband and eldest son made this exhibition.

It went much faster than they thought it would, it took them a few hours. The hardest and most difficult part was removing all the backing strips and then the staples (5,000).

Coreluxe Rattan Maple Waterproof Vinyl 1 In. Thick X 2.23 In. Wide X 7.5 Ft. Length Low Profile Stair Nose

The next step depends on the type of stair bullnose you are going with. For us, we went with the rounded edge bullnose which required us to remove the existing bullnose.

My husband started out using the reciprocating saw and then switched to the circular saw. It was a bit firmer and gave a better line.

We were moving on and making good time

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