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The floor to ceiling home renovation company consists of a team of professional interior designers who employ Contemporary with a touch of modern minimalism in our designs. Our focus is on wooden or black/white visuals that motivate you. We truly believe that with good home design. any space. regardless of its condition. has the potential to induce a sense of peace.

Which Is The Best Laminate Flooring

Our team of interior designers possess a wealth of knowledge and skills that enable us to meet the diverse expectations of our customers in both domestic residential and commercial projects. We are also wooden parquet and tile suppliers for many years in Singapore.

Laminate Flooring Vs. Engineered Wood Flooring: Which Is Better?

Our team of in-house suppliers are BCA Singapore certified and ready to deliver cost-effective solutions to our customers.

We offer an exclusive 1-year warranty against defects not caused by the user’s willful negligence, wear and tear or third party involvement. 2 year warranty on tiles and wood Singapore.

Our experienced team of interior design professionals will answer all your questions and needs. Ensure your projects are delivered on time to your satisfaction.

We will put your desired ideas into your interior home spaces and keep within your budget with ease. Read more to understand how we create a premium minimalist look at a low price.

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We are passionate about creating inspiring floor designs that will amaze you. Minimalist clean and bright looking wooden parquet floors to enjoy a light wooden Scandinavian interior or black and white monochrome tiles.

Pay conveniently when renovating the floor or ceiling in your home. We allow you to pay in stages and you can pay the last 20% after checking our flooring work.

In 2008, we started as a tile and wood flooring company in Singapore from a small shop in Serangoon. We sell various types of floor products, such as homogeneous tiles, parquet and ceramic tiles.

In 2010, we added a ceiling and partition division that specializes in alcove and partition lighting alongside the flooring department. We can create complex shapes or designs that look elegant as a floor on a budget.

Tips For Choosing Between Wide And Narrow Floor Boards

Since 2016, we have become a home renovation company that specializes in minimalist home design. We don’t consider ourselves an interior design firm that does custom designs, but rather a simple renovation firm that does what the client suggests. We have our own designer for basic clean layouts.

Most of our flooring work focuses on black and white, wood or light wood concepts, which design concept will last forever. The clean and solid design stands the test of time while keeping costs low for the consumer. The steep high prices that come with “custom interior design” firms have a heavy cost for Singaporeans.

We mainly sell tiles, parquet floors and vinyl floors, but we also cater to high quality marble and granite customers.

If you want to buy your own floor, you can. Many customers choose to hire us for our work while they shop for their designer flooring elsewhere in Singapore or overseas.

Difference Luxury Vinyl Plank And Laminate Flooring

The secret to keeping our costs low is that we ONLY stock the wood and floor tiles that are most common in most Singaporean homes. For example, we only carry the best-selling shades of commonly used vinyl flooring. These are scratch-resistant floors and are easy to sell due to their popularity and quality.

Many customers want to design complex patterns on their ceilings or floors. Interior design companies can draw these abstract designs for you, but they charge you a high cost for such a design. We recommend that you get advice from our experts in creating a low-cost minimalist ceiling that looks clean and is affordable.

Hardwood parquet or vinyl flooring? These are frequently asked questions. Simply put, vinyl flooring is inexpensive, visually equal to wood, effective for new families with children. Parquet wood floors are more expensive, premium, and allow for some intricate patterns that bring a warmth that most vinyl still can’t replicate.

We say, on the floor, do what your wallet allows. Hardwood or vinyl floors are easy to replace, so call us for a FREE consultation before you decide, we can share the burden of your home design renovation journey with an early confirmation discount.

Best Flooring Options For Florida Homes In 2023

We DO NOT stock some high fashion designer flooring products as most of them are prone to becoming obsolete. We read customer expectations and advise on practical use and look less at our results.

We pass our low costs on as savings to our clients. A simple floor design means a faster build time, which means less complexity and ultimately something that both the contractor and the client will appreciate.


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The Best Flooring Options For Florida Homes

7 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Laminate Flooring Find out how the new and improved, hard-working laminate flooring stacks up against the competition.

First introduced in the 1970s, laminate flooring consists of layers of synthetic material designed to look like wood or stone. It quickly became a popular choice due to its durability and low price, gaining a reputation as an affordable alternative to the real thing. Today’s laminate has come a long way since it was first introduced to the market, and its quality and appearance continue to improve, and there are now more options available than ever. To determine if this material is right for your budget, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences, first consider these advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring.

All laminate floors have a base layer topped with an image layer that embeds a digitally enhanced photograph of the natural material that mimics everything from exotic hardwoods to concrete to natural stone – a major pro. It comes in a variety of colors, lengths and widths and these days the texture can even be embossed to give the floor a more realistic feel. Yet some critics insist that no matter how high-end the product, laminate simply cannot compare to the natural beauty of real wood or stone.

Laminate floors can be roughly half the price of hardwood floors, but as with wood, you’ll find a variety of different qualities. Some look more realistic than others and some are less substantial in the thickness of the different layers so they are more likely to wear out sooner than a higher quality product. You can usually find laminate options from less than $1 per square foot and around $5 per square foot.

Laminate Flooring Installation Chicago

Despite the technological advances in laminate flooring, it still gets its look only from the image layer, which cannot be sanded and repaired when it starts to wear. Of course, wood can be revived several times during its lifetime, with the potential to last for decades. So while the initial price may be right for laminate, know that wood may be a better buy in the long run. Additionally, wood offers a higher return on investment in terms of your home’s resale value.

Knowing that laminate cannot be naturally renovated makes you wonder how long it will last. Fortunately, above the image layer is a highly durable tread layer designed to resist foot traffic, sun fading, scratches, dents and stains. And if a piece gets damaged, you can often replace an individual board. But if you can’t pull out the unsightly board, repairing a scratch or dent in your laminate floor can be difficult at best and impossible at worst.

Bob Vila has teamed up with Empire Today to help you easily get beautiful new flooring at a great price.

Most manufacturers have an AC rating (Abrasion Criteria) assigned to each product, which details the specific uses in which it will stand up best. The higher the AC rating, the more durable the product will be. When shopping, keep these numbers in mind to choose a product that can withstand the demands of your home and ensure the longest possible lifespan:

What Is The Best Flooring For A Living Room?

Excess water can cause laminate flooring to warp or stain, so in addition to sweeping and vacuuming as needed, it should be cleaned thoroughly, usually with plain water. Use a flat mop and wring out the water before each pass. For more demanding cleaning jobs, use a commercial laminate cleaner. An acetone-based solution (like nail polish remover) can help tackle stubborn stains.

Laminate is popular with home DIYers because it is relatively easy to install over structurally sound substrates. There is no glue involved as the laminate planks are not glued to the floor. Rather, the laminate rests on the necessary backing and connects to adjacent pieces using snap-and-lock or tongue-and-groove joints. The room can be made

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