Home Kitchen Appliances – As we look at the many ways that Covid-19 is affecting our homes and lives, cooking and nutrition must be included. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, almost all appliances have been relied on to keep families healthy and well,” said Jill Notini, vice president and industry spokeswoman for the Home Appliance Manufacturers Association.

Notini sees this trend continuing well after Covid has been conquered. “AHAM’s consumer survey of more than 4,000 US households found that preparing meals at home is the top activity that will continue after the pandemic.” More than three in 10 respondents bought small appliances since last year’s blackout, he reported.

Home Kitchen Appliances

At that time, many busy professionals and parents who rely heavily on restaurants to help provide drinks and food had to find solutions that were at home. their favorite item in the house. Survey respondents told the trade group they are cooking healthier meals, checking out new ingredients and trying new recipes. (The pandemic has also made adults aware that obesity can affect their vulnerability to these new health challenges, so healthy meal preparation is becoming more important than ideal.)

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One of the challenges homeowners and professionals alike have faced in the last year and a half has been the lack of full-size legislation; it’s still a constant complaint among designers in social media industry groups. There are many reasons for this availability problem, but the net result is hardship for homeowners who need to replace refrigerators, ranges and major appliances that break down during the pandemic.

Small tools have helped at this point. When the oven is not working, a countertop convection oven or multi-cooker can stand in.

Linda Shiue, MD is the director of culinary medicine for Kaiser Permanente, as well as a professionally trained chef and the author of Spicebox Kitchen (Hachette Books). She teaches Kaiser members how to cook healthy meals in her Thrive Kitchen classes and appreciates the potential of small appliances in healthy meal preparation.

Shiue’s three favorites, he shared, are a small food processor, a high-speed blender and an electric coffee/spice grinder. A food processor can help make healthy dishes like pesto, she says, and it can chop ingredients like beans. High speed blender makes smoothies, sauces and pureed soups. The grinder can be used for herbs or coffee beans. All have a strong claim to fight for space in the health-centered kitchen.

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Finding that space in a busy kitchen — especially one that multitasks as a virtual home office or study center — can be a challenge. Although they don’t share the installation requirements of their full-size equivalents, small devices take up space, need electricity (and possibly water) and can create visual distractions, especially when there’s a lot to contend with. Seattle-based interior designer with a passion for healthy cooking Tristan Gary sees their benefits, but also wrestles with these challenges.

“Small appliances are a way for homeowners to have a new dining experience and feel like they have an upgrade without a remodel,” he comments. Adding them can involve the same conversation as the main appliances: “When someone tells me that they like to cook healthy, I usually ask how many people live in their house and if everyone is on the same page. If we talk about creating kitchen or special zone around healthy cooking, it is important to know if it is a passion or an individual focus or the whole family.

The kitchen zone, an update of the traditional work triangle, creates the opportunity to design a special preparation area with small appliances, related storage, main appliances and equipment. For example, a juicing station can include not only a juicer but refrigerator drawers for produce, cabinet space with organizers for accessories and utensils, a prep sink and a compost bin.

The placement and organization of small equipment and the associated preparation needs become important design decisions. “We all know that having a juicer stored in the bottom cupboard is like having a treadmill in the garage…it doesn’t work,” says Gary.

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A common use is a coffee machine, he added. “We have clients who request a breakfast or coffee station during many consultations. This integrates the morning routine and provides a good coffee experience from home. And believe me, that $6 latte really adds up and a good espresso machine pays for itself!” he said. muses.

“Another station we’ve been laughing about lately is the baking/pizza station. Portable home pizza ovens have been in big demand lately and I’m really into them! Gary says. He also includes sous vide equipment and air fryers for kitchen projects. that’s healthy.” An air fryer can provide a healthier alternative to fried chicken and still get delicious results. For less than $100 you can get healthy cookware without a complete kitchen reno. There is also a version of the convection-steam oven countertop, which usually requires a kitchen remodel, and a wine cellar to make the base of the wine bar.

As AHAM’s Notini observed, “We have all become better at cooking and baking healthier food.” Since large appliances are still in short supply and retailers say they see no signs of relief on the horizon, having cookware readily available while waiting for renovation or replacement appliances could mean a suite of new, smaller versions. They will complete the installed pair when the kitchen project is complete.

Author’s Note: Notini, Shiue and Gary will participate in aClubhouse conversationWednesday, October 6 at 4:00 PM Eastern (1 PM Pacific) to share more advice and trends, and answer participant questions. This session is open to industry design, cooking and nutrition professionals, as well as enthusiasts interested in the area. Those who missed the live event can find a recording of Wednesday below on the Gold Note blog. Home Tips 10 small kitchen tools for an effortlessly stylish solo life We have selected 10 nifty little kitchen tools that make solo life manageable and effortlessly stylish.

Smart Kitchen Appliances To Use In 2023

The number of single-person households in Singapore has nearly tripled in the past two decades. Living solo comes with many joys and challenges.

One of the most common pitfalls of living solo is managing your diet and ration the right amount of food. Eating out is an option for busy people, but it may not be healthy for your body and wallet in the long run. Also, think of the amount of trash you’re generating from all those package deals! We’ve selected nine great kitchen appliances that make living solo manageable and effortlessly stylish.

Smeg can always be trusted to add a pop of color and a retro touch to dining rooms and kitchens. Both are simple, no-fuss devices with the right capacity for one person (and maybe a guest).

The holy grail of time-saving kitchen tools, this compact and lightweight chopper has a capacity of 830ml and is ideal for everyday use – perfect for making your favorite salsa and sambal.

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Fry up to 600g of food with less oil and energy. Features an adjustable thermostat with a temperature of 150-190 ° C. Comes with a two-year warranty.

A stylish, no-fuss coffee machine that makes up to ten cups at a time and keeps coffee hot for 40 minutes – should be enough for any coffee addict.

A kettle for the serious brewer, this precision one-liter kettle offers one-degree temperature increments from 140-212°F, with the option to hold for 30 minutes.

One of the very special tools that has proven to be super useful for the solo life. Size 19.8 x 6 x 13.2cm (length x width x height), it cooks two eggs to perfection by adjusting the water to the size of the egg.

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What is an Asian kitchen without a rice cooker? Touted as one of the most stylish rice cookers on the market, this 0.7 liter cooker holds four cups of rice and offers five cooking functions – no need to worry about leftovers!

Mini footprint, mighty power – this stand mixer features ten optimized speeds and a tilt-head design for easy accessory switches and access to the bowl. Its three-liter bowl can make about five dozen cookies.

A must-have for busy smoothie lovers, it turns solid ingredients, including ice cubes into 600ml smoothies at 23,000 rpm.

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The best kitchen appliances don’t come cheap – but they’re almost worth their weight in gold when you consider their return. They often serve their owners faithfully for years, consistently producing good food and great memories every time.

Small appliances are a great way to make a colorful style statement in the kitchen without the commitment. We rounded up the best-in-class tools that deliver function, quality and style.

It has a high lift for easy removal of small pieces and

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