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Each of the rooms featured in this post features natural wood flooring from Dinesen along with carefully selected design elements from modern seating to striking artwork.

Home Wood Flooring

This room manages to create separate spaces without walls by focusing the furniture in the center of the room for an intimate space for conversation.

Design Ideas For Wood Flooring

When everything is white, rooms can look much more spacious and open. Now they just have to make sure they keep things clean!

You can’t help but be drawn to the single yellow chair in this otherwise neutral room. Pop is effective and gives the dining room extra personality.

By creating walls and even a desk that match the wood floor, the occupants of this home can feel like they are in wood.

Another amazing fireplace is featured in this home, which also serves as a unique dividing wall between the dining room and the rest of the house.

How To Know If You Have Wood Floors

It’s easy enough to place two chairs together on a rug, but the simplicity doesn’t negate its elegance.

A large chess set along with a massive letter A indicate that this is a place to entertain.

By creating a contrast with light flooring and dark cabinets, this space becomes a little mysterious and very modern.

The artwork in this home is on display and easy to spot amongst the black and white decor.

Flooring Choices For Your Home: Based On 2021 Flooring Trends

Matching the colors of the throw pillows in the artwork creates an even more fun contrast in this white and gray room.

This home proves that you don’t need a lot of furniture to make an impression, as long as you choose the right pieces, like sturdy bar stools and a leather egg chair.

The pile of firewood in this home becomes like a work of art in the way it is displayed.

Cool dining chairs and an art display book position this home as an aesthete’s space.

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If you need help choosing the right type of wood flooring for your home, you’re not alone. This is a difficulty that many people face, thanks to the vast assortment available. This guide should answer some of your questions about the types of wood flooring available and where they can be used in your home. If you still have questions after reading, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Choosing laminate flooring means you’ll have a beautiful wooden floor that looks fantastic. Laminate flooring can still have knots and swirls in the wood grain pattern, making it look authentic, but at a fraction of the cost of solid wood, which is why it’s such a popular type of wood flooring. People also like it because it is extremely durable and can resist scratches, scuffs, stains and moisture. Laminate flooring comes in a variety of thicknesses, shades and finishes, making it an extremely versatile flooring choice.

Having hardwood floors in the home is something that many homeowners strive for. This beautiful finish has a timeless appeal and is one of the few flooring options that can truly last a lifetime with proper care and a little maintenance. One of the main characteristics of solid wood flooring is that it tends to be much thicker than other types of flooring, but it is also the most expensive flooring option. This allows it to be sanded and varnished many times throughout its life. Like laminate wood, solid wood flooring comes in a variety of shades and finishes, so you can find the perfect solution for your home.

Paint Colors That Pair Beautifully With Yellow Wood Floors

For many people, engineered wood is the perfect combination of the practical and financial benefits of laminate flooring with a solid wood top layer. The board is constructed from multiple layers of plywood, making it extremely durable yet beautiful. Engineered wood can also be used in places where solid wood cannot, for example in underfloor heating systems.

Once you have chosen the right floor for you, you need to consider the coating that will be most suitable. There are quite a few to choose from, and each has its advantages: varnished, oiled, brushed and unfinished. Lacquered and oiled floors tend to be the most popular, and they simply protect the floor, which is useful for high-traffic areas in your home. This also helps make the floor more resistant to water and other spills. Matte flooring is used to create a textured finish on floors that gives them a distressed, rustic look.

When considering the type of finish for you, you need to consider where in your home the floor will be, how much protection it is likely to need, whether you prefer a gloss finish or a matte finish, and how scratch resistant you need it to be (especially important if you have pets favourites). When homeowners decide to invest in wood flooring for their property, they may not realize how many decisions they will have to make during the process. Many different types of wood are available, as well as different patterns, styles, finishes and designs. The last thing anyone wants is to spend thousands on new flooring only to find out they made the wrong choice.

One thing to keep in mind is that hardwood flooring is relatively expensive, especially compared to laminate, carpet, linoleum, and other similar options. Although the cost of hardwood floors has dropped over the past few decades, they are still a fairly significant investment for any homeowner.

V4 Wood Flooring

Next, consider durability. Floors stand up to a lot of daily use and abuse, and in a high-traffic home, you’ll want to make sure you have the best of the best. For example, if you have children and pets, you might consider maple or another strong and durable type of wood. Fortunately, most wood flooring options can be pre-treated with a polyurethane coating to enhance durability.

Remember, you’re not limited to maple, oak, and walnut. You can also choose from greener options such as sustainable bamboo.

One of the most exciting parts of choosing a wood floor is choosing a pattern. Wood flooring can be installed in strips, which are usually less than 3 inches wide, or planks, which are about 3 to 8 inches wide. You can also choose parquet, which is a floor laid in geometric designs.

Finally, remember that if solid wood flooring is out of your budget or just not your style, you can also opt for engineered wood flooring. However, no matter what you choose, the look of wooden parquet is sure to liven up the interior of your home.

Installation Of Wooden Flooring: Advantages And Disadvantages

If you want to learn more about wood, I bet Dinesen’s story is just what you need.

Carrie is an experienced blogger, entertainment journalist and professional copywriter with a passion for interior design and home organization. A self-proclaimed eternal wanderer and neat freak, she loves to share her eclectic tastes and zeal for creating a beautiful and balanced space through DIY home decor. After graduating with a degree[…]Our home is full of old hardwood floors that I adore. When faced with choosing a new floor for our kitchen renovation, matching the existing hardwood was a no-brainer. Here is the story of the procurement and installation process.

I shot an installation video and talked about the process along with some fun delays and a pretty painful gaffe! I don’t share these on Instagram, so if you like my videos of me sharing information and fun project progress, you should tune in to the video below!

Did you catch the video? I love making them and I think the video captures something the text can’t, so I promise it’s worth a watch in addition to what I’ll share below.

Flooring Trends Explained By Interior Designers

As a backup, our original kitchen had fir flooring. But every single board was gnawed away by termites. The previous owner filled it with putty and then I covered them with adhesive tiles. When we demoed the kitchen, the termite damage was even worse downstairs. The bugs ate the floor, the flooring and the joists. Saving the fir was not in the cards. I’m a big believer in restoring old floors, but serious termite damage is just beyond restoration.

I was pretty ready to add wood back into the kitchen. It’s not the most popular opinion, but I appreciate the softness of the wooden floor underfoot. Remember the 1914 book that called tile floors “death to China”? It’s also a tree case!

I spent months looking for a salvaged floor that was identical to what we have in the rest of the house. I found lots of old maple and reclaimed pine, but not salvaged tongue and groove 2″ wide x ½” thick crack and chipped white oak. And especially not like that

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