Can You Put Peel And Stick Tile Over Vinyl Flooring – Are peel and stick floor tiles a good product for bathroom floors? What is jointable vinyl sheet in general? Get all the details on our scale and knit now that we’ve had it for years.

Peel and stick flooring is super easy to lay and lasts for years. We’ve had it for a long time (7+ years!), so I thought it was time to share more about it. From how we laid the peel and stick tile, how to join the peel and stick floor, and how the stick on tiles have held up… read on for all the details!

Can You Put Peel And Stick Tile Over Vinyl Flooring

When we moved into this house, back in 2012, we knew we had a long way to go when it came to the bathrooms. ALL BATHROOMS HAD CARPET. Seriously, is there anything more disgusting than bathroom carpet?

How To Install A Peel And Stick Backsplash In Your Rv

We had ZERO home improvement skills. Seriously. The “handiest” thing we ever did was paint walls in our last house and even that was new to us in that house. So to say we were in over our heads on the house renovation thing was an understatement.

We weren’t afraid to learn how to DIY and improve our house, but we were completely new to everything. One of the first things we knew we wanted to change was the floor in our bathroom. The colored rug really picked us both up.

After researching flooring and flooring costs combined with where our skills were at the time, we finally decided that a good short-term option for our bathroom was vinyl tile. Since we were moving into a house that needed so much done to it, cost was a very important factor.

Peel and stick bathroom floor tiles usually end up being MUCH cheaper than traditional tiles due to the cost of the floor itself AND the fact that you don’t need many other accessories to lay it. For example, with traditional floor tiles, you also need to lay a substrate (such as cement board), buy mortar, rent or buy tile saws, etc.

Diy Peel And Stick Backsplash Review & Steps

There are many different vinyl stick-on flooring options available right now and most of them range from $1.50-$3.00 per square foot. When we bought and installed ours back in 2013, there weren’t that many options. We paid $1.50 per square meter.

Since we didn’t expect to have this bathroom layout forever, the cost combined with the fact that we could learn how to DIY a floor on our own that attached to vinyl tiles seemed like a perfect fit.

I wanted our stick on the floor to look like real ceramic tiles, so we decided to grout it. To do that, when laying the vinyl tile, you just need to lay it with tile spacers.

After laying the vinyl floor tiles, pick up the spacers and join the peel n’ stick tiles, just as you would with traditional tile.

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There are definitely some extra steps as you have to let the sealant dry, then get the grout mist off by cleaning and then sealing the grout. So, definitely extra steps to join the vinyl tiles but not difficult at all. I think it really helped our tile look nice, so I would definitely recommend it.

As I mentioned above, peel and stick vinyl floor tiles are really easy to cut with a utility knife and a straight edge. You’ll want to have some blades on hand but other than that it’s super easy to cut.

Sometimes a temporary project that you think will only last 2 years or so can end up going 6 years and still going strong! When we replaced our carpet with peel and stick tile from Lowe’s, I thought we would tear it up again after a few years. I didn’t think it would last that well long term and I thought we would make the move to completely gut our master bathroom sooner rather than later. However, products surprise you and plans change.

One thing led to another and we still have the peel and stick floor tiles in our bathroom 6 years after we installed it and it looks as good as the day we put it down.

Peel And Stick Tiles For The Backsplash — Tag & Tibby Design

Yes! We have now had the peel and stick bathroom tiles for over 6 years and it looks as good as it did when we installed it. It is super durable.

We are very pleased with how the cheap peel and stick tiles have held up. I know vinyl tile isn’t for everyone but it definitely suited our needs and gave us the confidence to take on more flooring jobs.

Our bathroom still has a long way to go, but a lot of progress has been made since move-in day. The reveal of the $87 bathroom hook was the biggest help in turning this space into a blank slate. I still can’t believe $87 changed it that much. Next on the list is to freshen up the medicine cabinet. This DIY medicine cabinet makeover gives me all the inspiration to just get it done!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my link. Have you ever wanted to put apple peels and stick stickers on vinyl flooring? You are lucky! I’m sharing my tips, tricks, pros and cons with you today!

How To Use Peel And Stick Tiles On Floors, Linoleum Or Otherwise

I am sharing my honest review on how to apply DIY peel and stick vinyl floor tiles and the pros and cons of using it in your home. It’s a great solution for a budget-friendly DIY flooring idea: cheaper than replacing the floors and less messy than paint!

Note: If you are looking for how to install more durable vinyl flooring, check out this tutorial!

I’m a big fan of simple DIY projects that don’t require a demo or a lot of dust. And this is one of them!

Painting my kitchen cabinets is about as intense as a DIY project I want to do on my house. 😂 Hats off to all the do-it-yourselfers who remove cabinets and replace countertops and rip out floors. But I will need a professional to tackle those jobs at my house. 😜

How To Lay Peel And Stick Vinyl Tile Flooring

Ever since we moved into our home with its beige floors, beige walls, and beige cabinets, I’ve been on a mission to change things up! We have the exact same beige tile in both of our bathrooms, our laundry room, and it’s even the tile on our fireplace. Nobody got creative when building this house, that’s for sure!

So even though I’ve wanted to change them for a long time, fear has held me back. I did not want to:

I love the look of the Moroccan floor tiles that you can see everywhere today. And I was planning on stenciling them before I discovered the peel and stick tile option.

But the knitting on the decals sounded so much easier. Read on to see if I would use them on my trays again. 😉

Are Peel And Stick Tiles Waterproof?

I decided to use them in my girls bathroom refresh first to get my feet wet. It’s a small space and it’s for our guests too, so I wanted to do something fun there that everyone would see and enjoy.

It took me a while to decide what style I wanted because there are just so many great options out there. I outlined my favorites in this post with 25 options for different styles of peel and stick vinyl flooring. And I’ve finally narrowed it down to this tile sticker from Naples (click here).

** Be sure to read all instructions given to you by the store you are purchasing from in case there are additional preparations.

Steps to Apply Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Stickers 1. Paint over the joint lines with floor paint or joint paint.

My Honest Review Of Cheap Peel And Stick Floor Tile

I painted my joint lines exactly as they were, but as you will read below I should have ordered smaller tiles. And then I would have had to paint on to the top of the tiles. Don’t make my same mistake!

I first clean the whole floor and then I vacuum each tile with my stick vacuum and wipe it with my cleaner before each tile I put down. Allow the cleaner to dry before applying the stickers.

I found that if you mess up you can quickly remove it and reapply. Once the strip is stuck, peel off the rest of the backing and smooth it. Check for any bubbles that may be stuck underneath.

Sometimes I used my hand or the side of my paper cutter to go over the tiles as well. They stuck pretty well.

How To Use Peel And Stick Tile In Every Room Of Your House

5. Draw out unusual angles or corners or round trim pieces with the back of a used tile sticker.

I would use the paper backing of an old sticker and trace out where I needed to cut. And then just cut the sticker with my scissors. If the trim didn’t touch the floor, I left about 1/8 inch inside the cut line so the decal would fit underneath

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