Chinese Restaurant Kitchen Equipment List – Setting up any catering business requires some investment in proper cooking and preparation equipment. Likewise, it is important to equip your central kitchen with the right type of modern equipment. Below are some of the equipment in a Fusion Generation coffee shop-style venue.

If any stall cuisine requires cooking food over an open fire, you will need a kitchen stove. The hob is the powerhouse of the kitchen, so it’s important to choose one that meets your cooking needs. As with residential complexes, commercial units can be gas, electric or induction. Gas cooktops typically have four main components – the grates, burner covers, burner heads and the cooktop surface itself. Alternatively, an electric cooktop has a sleek, elegant, easy-to-clean design and falls into one of three subcategories—standard electric cooktops that use coils to heat food, flat-top electric cooktops, and induction cooktops that use magnetic coils underneath the bottom. The ceramic glass top generates heat.

Chinese Restaurant Kitchen Equipment List

A deep fat fryer is a must-have in most commercial kitchens, especially when hot, crispy foods require high throughput. Frying is very quick and, if done properly, kills bacteria. Deep fryers are equipped with timers for cooking accuracy, better heat recovery for faster production, and oil filtration for longer cooking oil life. To make everything from french fries to fish and chips, you need a quality commercial deep fryer.

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A kitchen salamander is basically an oven, often used to finish food or desserts. While it’s used exclusively for grilling, it can also be used for melting, browning, and caramelizing. The browning or thawing process is usually very fast because the goal is to eat quickly and efficiently. Commercial salamanders can be gas, electric or infrared.

Like the Chinese induction wok range, the Western induction wok range utilizes efficient electromagnetic induction to deliver gas-like performance in a safe, flameless, easy-to-use appliance ideal for Western-style cooking. It is capable of heating to real wok temperatures required in commercial kitchens. This range of induction hobs features the signature bowl burner design, so you can start cooking with induction in no time. You can find commercial induction hobs designed for countertop use as well as built-in use.

The Stockpot range is designed to hold the weight of heavy cookware like large stockpots while heating large volumes of liquid, making them perfect for cooking soup, cooking pasta or making sauces in commercial kitchens. These products are small in size but high in output and can heat large volumes of liquid quickly. You can choose from a gas or electric soup boiler, but if you don’t want an open flame, opt for an induction soup boiler.

A combination oven can be a versatile appliance in a commercial kitchen. A combination oven can do the job of a convection oven, saucepan, steamer, warming cabinet, smoker and even a dehydrator. Ability to cook different products using different cooking methods at the same time; a combination oven is a great option for preparing large quantities of food.

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Vacuum packaging machines are commonly used to remove air or oxygen from packages prior to sealing. By removing air, the shelf life of food is extended. There are single or double chamber vacuum packaging machines available in tabletop size or stand-up models.

In terms of maintaining food quality and hygiene, some businesses have turned to quick freezers and freezers. Allowing food to cool outside before storing it poses a risk of food contamination. Blast freezers, or blast freezers, typically cool hot food to a temperature high enough to inhibit bacterial growth. These units are capable of reducing the temperature of cooked food from +70 °C (158 °F) to +3 °C (37 °F) or lower in 90 minutes for safe storage and consumption.

A tilting kettle is a great device for cooking large quantities of soups, stews, and sauces and requires less supervision than a stock pot. The tiltable pot is designed with a steam jacket, which heats the food in the pot evenly, avoiding the trouble of burning food due to concentrated heat at the bottom of the pot. Tilting kettles are available in two different heating methods – a jacketed freestanding kettle filled at the factory with distilled water which is then heated to steam by an electric or gas boiler, or a direct steam filled external boiler jacket and heat food.

When dealing with cooked and refrigerated food, these aspects depend on the quality of reheating, which is the decisive step before serving. Once refrigerated food is loaded into the regenerative oven, the unit will regenerate the food, then automatically switch to keep the food hot and keep it at the correct serving temperature until ready to eat. Regenerative ovens can cook, bake, and reheat frozen convenience foods while keeping them all in the same cabinet. These ovens also allow food to be slow-cooked or regenerated overnight and then kept until serving.

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The pre-rinse spray valve is designed to remove excess food and sauces before placing dishes in a commercial dishwasher. These sprayers connect to your sink’s water supply and help extend the life and quality of your dishwasher because food and other debris won’t clog it. Commercial or central kitchens can save significant costs in energy and water usage by switching to high-efficiency pre-flush sprinkler valves.

A commercial dishwasher can make life in your dishwashing area a lot easier – handling a lot of laundry just got easier. Available in a variety of models such as hood or run-through commercial dishwashers, these commercial dishwashers provide the perfect solution for your warewashing needs.

Food waste and leftovers cannot be avoided during preparation, whether on guests’ plates or in the kitchen. It is important to dispose of this valuable raw material in a hygienic and efficient manner using a professional food waste disposal system. If you have limited space in your central kitchen, choose a compact waste disposal system that converts food waste into biomass, which can then also be converted into electricity. You can choose between a pump system and a vacuum food waste disposal system according to your kitchen needs.

This is the live cooking option. The induction unit operates safely in tight spaces, and its fast heat-up time causes no unnecessary heat loss, which complements its attractive flat surface for quick turnarounds in the kitchen.

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If you’re looking for the perfect solution for pre-cooking, a pre-cooking station with an intelligent extraction and filtration system is ideal for bringing the drama and spectacle of a commercial kitchen to your dining customers. Choose from front-mounted cooking stations that offer a variety of cooking modules according to the needs of your kitchen. This way you can have a deep fryer, frying pan, pasta pan and induction hob all at the same time at the front cooking station. If you want to place this appliance in a closed space or room, the smart extraction and filtration system of the front cooking station will help ensure an optimal climate, freeing you from the constraints of a stationary cooker hood.

Whether you’re serving soup, chicken noodles, or chili, as the name suggests, this soup warmer keeps soup warm and ready to go! The soup warmer is perfect for restaurants, commercial kitchens, buffets, banquets, parties, or any other event where large amounts of soup need to be kept warm for hours. You can install a built-in soup warmer in your kitchen or use a stand-alone model for your restaurant needs.

Noodles are always cooked to order, no time to wait for water to boil. The noodle pot holds plenty of water to heat up quickly for cooking, and the noodle basket can be hung on the pot for easy removal. Similar to a soup warmer, you can choose from a built-in pasta cooker or a free-standing unit.

Listed here are just a few types of cooking and preparation equipment, but there are many others that can be used in a Fusion Generation style “kopitiam” concept. Your choice of equipment will largely depend on the type of cuisine that will be served at your stall, your budget and the size of your central kitchen. This list of commercial kitchen equipment will help you. What equipment list is helpful for restaurants and hotels. Get a complete listing of commercial kitchen equipment. AK Service & Food Equipment is a leading manufacturer of industrial cooking equipment. These commercial kitchen equipment lists are available. They are made by us. We know it is important to have a list of commercial kitchen equipment for opening hotels and restaurants. That’s why we’ve provided this list of commercial kitchen equipment so they can choose easily.

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