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Working out doesn’t have to be a chore. You should be able to exercise when you like and be able to practice your sport spontaneously. Getting to the gym, however, is something that can be difficult to fit into a busy day. Navigating the traffic, crowds, and cost of the gym can easily become more tiring than the workout itself.

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The easiest solution to all this stress is a home gym. Sounds fancy, right? It doesn’t have to be. With home exercise mats, a home gym is no longer just for the rich and famous. Creating a personal training space can be simple, affordable and even portable. All you need is a hard surface to put mats on and some space to move around and… Voila! You’re ready to have all the exercise freedom you want.

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Each type of mat has specific benefits, especially depending on the activity. However, there is one thing that every mat has in common: they are high quality, easy to move/set up and easy on the wallet. Home Gym Floor Mats or Tiles There are many different types of modular tiles available for home gym floors. Modular floor tiles are available in foam, rubber and plastic. Floor tiles provide one of the easiest installation processes and make removal and relocation extremely simple. With the following variety of materials and sizes, you can choose what would work best for you.

Rubber tiles are one of the most durable options for home gym flooring. They are aimed at a variety of activities such as weight lifting and circuit training. Not only can they withstand the weight of heavy exercise equipment such as weight machines or treadmills, but the tight seams are also protective of the surface underneath. Interlocking rubber floor tiles are one of the easiest ways to install a rubber floor and the seams will virtually disappear after use. Our rubber floor tiles are made entirely in the USA and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Foam tiles are consistently a top choice for martial arts flooring. Home gym foam mats are soft, comfortable and provide cushion and insulation. They come in various thicknesses and textures. Most foam tiles are designed for human activity and exercise equipment such as stand-alone training bags. Some can even withstand the weight of exercise equipment, although they are not as durable as rubber and will give way if the weight is not distributed properly. All the foam tiles it offers are waterproof, non-slip and made of excellent quality material.

Foam tiles come in the widest variety of colors of any floor tile out there, so you can get creative with customizing your home gym. Foam tiles are even available with a carpet surface or wood grain design. Installing foam tiles for a home gym floor is an extremely easy task. With an interlocking design, installation is like putting together a giant mindless puzzle.

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PVC plastic tile home gym floors feature the strength and durability of rubber with the cushion and comfort of foam. PVC Interlocking Home Gym Flooring Tiles offer superior ergonomic benefits with cushioning and bounce support. Hence, it is another fantastic choice for exercise.

They come in two textures: blouse and orange peel. Both are aesthetic, non-slip and durable. Like other home gym mats, these tiles are easy to install by hand (a rubber mallet works well too). These tiles come in a small variety of colors, but not as many as foam tiles. Black PVC tiles are made from recycled material and may contribute LEED points to green buildings. All plastic home gym tiles are waterproof and easy to clean. Home gym floor rollers

Rubber floor rollers are another common choice for multi-purpose fitness and exercise. It is one of the most affordable home gym flooring options. Flooring rolls come in a standard size of 4 x 10 feet, but there is a wide variety of thicknesses to choose from. Plus, you can always order a different size.

Some floor rolls are denser and sturdier, while others are more porous to allow for more shock absorption. No matter where you go, it can help you.

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Professional gyms worldwide use rubber floor rollers. These gym floors are tough and wear-resistant, even with high levels of activity. Rubber rollers can be easily cleaned, but it is important to use pH neutral cleaners to keep materials from breaking down. Rubber flooring rolls can be easily installed by hand and do not require adhesives.

Feel like you need some extra protection while doing stunts? Floor foam rolls are also available as a substrate option. Although foam floor rolls are not designed as a top surface, they can create extra cushion under any other home gym flooring you choose. Floor foam rolls come in 6×42 foot floors and come in 5/8, 1/2 and 1 inch thicknesses.

At , you can also find 4×6 or 5×10 foot exercise mats with a carpet or vinyl surface. These foam-based gymnastics mats can be great for everything from gymnastics and cheerleading to wrestling and martial arts.

Collapsible exercise mats are an extremely popular choice for high-impact sports such as cycling, cheerleading and gymnastics. However, they have enough cushion to be comfortable for any floor exercise. Foldable exercise mats come in various thicknesses and sizes. All are constructed with 18oz coated vinyl, double stitched and thick polyethylene (PE) foam, which promises exceptional durability, shock absorption and comfort.

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Foldable home exercise mats can also be used as wall coverings. All you have to do is screw the outer flange on the long side of the carpet to a strip of fur attached to the wall.

Each panel-style folding exercise mat features 2-inch hook-and-loop fasteners. So you can connect several mats together. Simple attachment and folding makes exercise mats easy to carry. Folding mats are a great home gym flooring solution if you need something temporary.

With foldable exercise mats, you can beautify any training environment as they come in a huge variety of colors. You can even choose more than one color. Maintenance for folding exercise mats at home is simple. Warm water and a sponge are all you need to clean folding exercise mats at home. It is ideal for lifting weights and working out on a firm and stable floor, however this is not an option for everyone. Some home gyms must be placed on a carpeted floor. You can exercise safely on carpeted floors, although carpet is soft, lacks support and stability for lifting and machines, and can absorb bacteria. It is therefore recommended that you lay down hard rubber mats or build a lifting platform over your carpet to get the most out of your home gym.

There is no doubt that you can do some workouts directly on the mat. Things like bodyweight training, yoga, stretching, and some exercises can be done regardless of the floor it’s performed on. The floor becomes more important as the intensity of these types of workouts increases.

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Performing body weight circuits or things like light squats and pushups can certainly be performed safely on mats. Additionally, core-focused workouts should be safe.

If you perform weight bench exercises (such as dumbbell bench presses), then you should be safe to simply place the bench on your floor and get to work. You should check to make sure it doesn’t wobble from side to side!

Likewise, a spin bike like the one from Sunny Health has enough weight so it doesn’t slide around as you go. However, you can end up with a lot of sweat on your carpet from hard riding, which is a bit gross (more on that later). For this reason, indoor cycling companies make mats specifically for indoor exercisers, like this one from Wahoo Fitness.

While you can do some workouts on carpet, there’s also a reason why you never see carpeted floors in commercial gyms or CrossFit boxes. It’s just not the most ideal floor for lifting and exercising.

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The first and foremost reason you don’t see why people don’t train on carpeted floors is because it’s soft, spongy and unstable. As a result, there is definitely a safety concern when it comes to building a home gym on carpeted floors.

Much of the conditioning when it comes to weightlifting is starting from scratch. We are taught to screw our feet into the ground in squats and deadlifts, and even plant our feet into the ground during bench presses. However, when the floor is soft and spongy, it’s nearly impossible to develop the solid footing needed to get yourself in a good position to stand up.

Additionally, as you lift – particularly when squatting or lunging, your leg will swing around. This can affect your balance and/or the way you apply force to the ground. This volatility can

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