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If you are shopping for kitchen cabinets, there are a few places that come to mind. One of them, of course, is the go-to for DIYers: Home Depot. As popular as Home Depot cabinets are, though, we don’t really hear much about them. (This is usually alone

Sale On Kitchen Cabinets At Home Depot

I went straight to the source, with a bunch of questions for Dana Hudson, who works with Home Depot in the kitchen business, but to make sure I was getting real-world, real-people experiences, I asked two Also talked to people saying “Let’s do it!” And bought their kitchen cabinets in HD. Gregg Renner is the owner of Cafe Muse in Detroit, and Josh Meredith is the creative director of the Original Makers Club in Louisville, Kentucky.

Home Depot Kitchen Cabinets

“Knowing the world of cabinetry” and needing cabinetry to fit their modern patio home, Josh says, “We were looking for something that matched our style but we could Install ourselves effectively and efficiently.”

Here’s what he likes: Home Depot has more options in stock, more contemporary options with clean lines, and best of all for him, they’re completely finished (as in unfinished, color As opposed to staining or staining, in other big stores). “So you just go in and pick the ones you want, poof!,” says Josh. “The prices were also very affordable for the convenience of just walking in and getting it without having to order or wait. The Home Depot I went to had a ton of options and a ton of stock, so no matter what your size You will be able to walk through, find the configuration you need, and walk away with the cabinet.

Greg had the same admiration. “I liked the fact that they were good, high-end, off the shelf.” The cabinets were actually better than he expected, he boasts, coming from a big box store. He also liked the flexibility of adding pieces later, and the fact that there are always multiple Home Depots around, as opposed to, say, just one IKEA in the area.

In stock, you’ll find “the fastest and most budget-friendly options,” Dana says, “and [those] can either be purchased in stores for immediate pickup or on” Stores should have three or four color options, along with nine online, he adds. The website also has a wide range of sizes. It ships next day to the store for free or to your home for a fee. Stock options are offered in three-inch increments (as you need a size in between, you should go up or down approximately three inches).

Home Decorators Cabinetry

Semi-custom/custom cabinets, which are custom-made to a quarter-inch measurement to your exact location, give you a wide range of styles, sizes, and features, says Dana. For this you will go to Home Depot Kitchen Designer. Home Depot handles the measurements and then creates the custom design and 3D rendering. For custom, allow four to six weeks for delivery to your home after ordering.

Dana says their prices are guaranteed to be the best in the industry. Cabinets in stock average around $60 to $100 per linear foot. Custom built will run an average of $110 to $160 per linear foot. Financing is available through a Home Depot credit card or their project loan.

Before you even go to the store, you need to know a few things, Dana says. These will be your budget, goals (in terms of style and performance), and timeline.

How do you know what the budget is? According to Dana: “Industry guidelines recommend that homeowners invest five to 15 percent of their home’s value in kitchen renovations, with about one-third dedicated to cabinets, one-third to countertops. And to appliances, and a third to installation.” It’s worth noting that plumbing, electrical, or structural changes can have a big impact on cost, she pointed out.

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And one more thing: have at least a small measure of your size, which will help kitchen designers to make the right choices for you. “Once you’re ready to get started with solid plans,” Dana explains, “our professionals can help you take accurate measurements of the interior of your home; we highly recommend these services for semi-custom/custom cabinetry. Use for because fitting mistakes can be expensive and time consuming.

Josh went the DIY route. “One day I went to the Home Depot in Louisville, bought all my cabinets, bought them, took them to [the lake house], installed them (just me, one person), and at dinner I went home.” The color impressed me! Greg was the old way of getting a friend to help with the installation in exchange for beer.

Now, they both bought stock options. When it comes to semi-custom/custom cabinets, “generally contractors install [them] because of the large nature of the product and its exacting requirements,” says Dana. Don’t already have a contractor? They’ve got you covered with a “national network of licensed, background-checked installation partners,” he points out. If you’re going to do it yourself, has how-to videos, she added.

While overall Josh had a good experience, he had a word of warning. Four of his six cabinets were damaged. Fortunately, he opened them at the store to check them out before the 90-minute drive with them. It wasn’t Home Depot’s fault, he says, “but more likely poor packaging by the shipper or the manufacturer.” The good news was that the store had enough stock so he just replaced them, only losing 30 minutes in the process. Not a big deal, he says, but really check every box if you’re buying in-store, because it’s not possible to tell until the boxes are opened.

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