Home Gardening Project Proposal – 1 Garden Project Proposal Thank you for considering Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens for your home or business. I have designed and installed beautiful and functional gardens for over 25 years across the United States. My company provides a full spectrum of services including design, installation, maintenance and periodic improvements, with public relations assistance to ensure they come, once it is built. All personnel introduced to your project (Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens employees and subcontractors) were selected by me. My team will work together to exceed your expectations. I will follow a five (5) step process to ensure your beautiful garden is installed according to your brief, as well as discuss with you a maintenance program to ensure your garden remains healthy and beautiful in next year: I – Initial Visit & Consultation: The consultation carried out during my first visit gives me the opportunity to meet you on site and feel your needs, tastes and style choices without forgetting the input of other members of an established decision party (ie: Board members, business or other partners, etc.) The consultation is structured using a client checklist to ensure a thorough brief. During this consultation, I will illustrate different styles and themes with images of characteristic gardens from my portfolio of work. To further help you visualize what can be achieved, walking around the garden or area in question with you also helps to find out how the garden is used, what plants and features need to be maintained, the client’s aspirations , etc. Important for me as well as to get a brief tour of the interiors of the adjacent structures, for the gardens should be a reflection of the current or proposed interior designs. If a visit to an established garden would help determine your style or needs for your site, I will make every effort to arrange the visit. 1

2 This consultation concludes with a quote for design. In order not to impede progress, future discussions can be conducted by conference call and electronic transfer of important documents. II – Site Survey and Design Requirements Report: I or my designee will conduct a comprehensive site survey, measuring the proportions of the garden and significant structures, taking photographs and collecting soil samples, if necessary . The Design Requirements Report documents my understanding of the potential site characteristics as well as details from the brief specific to your particular project. The information contained in this report outlines the requirements and considerations that subsequent designs (basic and detail) must address. Your input is very important at this stage, so the report is intended to stimulate discussion between you and me. The Design Requirements Report will include an inventory and site analysis. At this stage, neither you nor I commit to proceeding with the proposed project. If, after reviewing the Design Requirements Report, you wish to commission a design from Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens, you will be asked to sign and return the Design Requirements Report, along with a check for the design fee. III Basic Design Proposal: The Basic Design Proposal provides you with a basic layout for the garden, showing the dimensions and locations of all key features, both soft and hard landscaping materials. Vegetation schemes, as well as shrubs and trees being considered for your project can be discussed in general at this time, while the details of the field layer of vegetation will be detailed in a subsequent Detailed Proposal in Design. The Basic Design Proposal allows you to highlight any aspect of the design where you have questions or objections. This, in turn, helps me by ensuring that I don’t spend unnecessary time and effort doing detailed research and documentation about parts of the design that, in the end, you may not like. 2

Home Gardening Project Proposal

3 Sometimes, if certain site characteristics make it difficult to meet your brief exactly, I may decide to provide more than one potential design so that you can make an informed decision. This service is provided at no extra charge. It does, however, require considerable extra effort on my part and, therefore, is only given when I think it is necessary. IV Design Detail Proposal: The Design Detail Proposal provides detailed information about the design you have chosen for implementation on your site. In addition to the overhead plan and perspective diagrams provided in the Basic Design Proposal, this document includes: a detailed, scaled plan of the proposed garden including the selection of all hard landscaping materials (building materials such as plant containers, brick, gravel, stone, glass, concrete, etc.), soft landscaping materials (field layer plants including grasses and herbaceous plants, shrubs, and trees), soil and soil changes, structural plantings, laying patterns for all paving, and dimensions of any three-dimensional structure; any and all specific measurements my crew needs to implement the hard and soft landscaping materials as planned. I usually select and place all soft landscape materials; a proposed work schedule for my staff pertaining to your project, including proposed start and end dates; planting schema details including plant names, numbers, seasonal interest, maximum height and spread; an estimated budget for hard and soft landscaping materials. It covers only the items used in the construction of the garden; and an estimated budget to cover labour, delivery of materials, water system, lighting system, furniture accessories and any necessary equipment rental will also be considered at this time. The Detailed Design Proposal forms the final stage in the design process. Before installation in the garden, a down payment of 75% of the total estimated budget must be paid. The final cost of this project will not exceed 110% of the total estimated budget. The remaining balance (final cost minus down payment) is due one week after project completion. 3

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5 V Installation: Unless otherwise notified, installation will begin on the start date specified in the Design Detail Proposal. Rare vendor delays and conflicting installation schedules, as well as inclement weather may result in some delays in installing your new garden. I will notify you and/or your designee of installation delays that will jeopardize the completion of your project for more than one week. Poor access to the site can often make it difficult to install your garden. We want to prevent this event from happening. So I hope to resolve all logistical issues (i.e. elevator access either by crane or elevator, delivery locations, parking, security access, water access, and proposed project operation hours) before begin. Maintenance / Seasonal Planting: Your new garden changes a lot in the first three years. In the first year (1), the plants in your garden will establish their root system. In two years (2), the plants will grow with a broad top growth. And in three (3) years, your garden will experience its most important total growth period. During each growing season, your garden will require different attention regarding watering, pruning, soil amendment, and insect/disease control. It is very important that the individual responsible for maintaining your garden has the appropriate years of relevant experience to protect your investment. I recommend that an employee of my company be in charge of maintaining your garden for at least the first two (2) years. If you wish to eventually appoint someone from your staff to take on future responsibility, we will make every effort to train your appointee for a smooth transition. The plants installed in your garden consist of both perennials and annuals. Most of your annuals will be planted in the spring, others throughout the year to change the mood of your garden or to reflect the given season or holiday. All annuals will be removed at the end of the year. Depending on the size of your garden, your garden may be maintained on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. At each visit, the health of your garden will be assessed, and corrections will be made if necessary. Your garden will be mowed 5

6 and cleansed of any and all debris. All water and lighting systems will be tested for efficient use. I look forward to working with you. Sincerely, Jon Carloftis Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens 6

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