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Description: Rustic decoration Sauslito Sunrise is a very popular style in homes these days. The Adura Max Sausalito Bay Breeze, featuring a vintage recycled oak look, fits this trend perfectly. This 6 X 48 inch plank has a rich oak grain with saw marks and a rustic surface texture that accentuates the look of aged reclaimed wood. This wooden image is the epitome of character and color depth that is sure to make a splash in the home. Features: Limited lifetime residence. HydroLoc Core. Now with Microban, it provides 24/7 protection against bacterial growth and remains 99% cleaner than untreated surfaces. Attached Super Quiet Pads For Outstanding Noise And Water Resistance. Scratch Resistant With Aluminum Oxide. Lifetime Apartment Warranty. 10 year light commercial warranty.

Home Max Flooring

Adura Max Sausalito Bay Breeze Manufacturer: Mannington Sausalito Product: Adura Max Sausalito Bay Breeze Application Type: Lock, Floating. Above, above or below the layer. Size: Thickness: 8mm Sq.Ft./Ctn. 27.39 Ctn Weight: 45.9 Lbs. SKU: MAX070

Superior Rustic Dawn Laminate Floor

Rigid Max Rustique $4.49 /SqFt Rigid Max Rocky Mountain $4.49 /SqFt Rigid Max Ravel $4.49 /SqFt Rigid Max Napa $4.49 /SqFt Rigid Acacia $4.49 /SqFt As a leader in vinyl flooring, has put together a guide detailing everything you need to know about vinyl plank flooring. Learn about benefits, common misconceptions, installation, cleaning, and more.

Vinyl plank allows you to get a look like hardwood or tile at a low cost. They are all waterproof, easy to clean and maintain, scratch resistant and more. Learn more about the most popular types of vinyl flooring:

Expanded Polymer Core (WPC): Manufactured with a rigid expanded PVC core instead of a rigid PVC backing, WPC has small air pockets in the core that create excellent spatial acoustic properties. This extended core is combined with a traditional slim LVT Cover for a visual look, and there’s often an accompanying pad on the back for softness underfoot. Most WPC products have a locking system and are installed as an adhesive-free floating floor.

Solid Polymer Core (SPC): This type of flooring consists of a solid PVC core with a traditional thin LVT cover for imaging. This unplasticized solid core is extremely hard and tough with excellent indentation and temperature stability properties. This product is also generally a floating floor and can be installed without any glue.

Pergo Max Nashville Oak Thick Wood Plank Laminate Flooring (20.62 Sq Ft) At Lowes.com

Traditional Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT): Traditional LVT flooring consists of multiple layers of flexible PVC making it much less rigid than hard core products. It consists of a scratch-resistant wear-resistant layer, a decorative/visual layer, and a flexible backing that is durable and known to be stable and reliable. Most traditional LVTs require adhesives and are glued to the floor during installation.

There is a group of four vinyl plank options called ADURA®. Any ADURA® vinyl plank flooring you choose offers the same incredible detail, stunning style and high-performance features. Simply choose the ADURA® flooring that best suits your lifestyle – learn more below:

ADURA®APEX – This WPC flooring is perfect to create accents in any room including kitchen, bathroom, foyer, living area, dining space.

ADURA®Max – WPC flooring is ideal for sound reduction, giving you peace and quiet in multi-storey homes or homes with media rooms, music rooms and children’s play spaces .

Adura Max Plank Sonoma Pomace

ADURA®Rigid – strong and durable SPC flooring with outstanding dent resistance ideal for home gyms, children’s rooms and kitchens. It is also stable over wide temperature changes and can be used in three seasons patios and cabins that may not be temperature controlled.

ADURA®Flex – stable and reliable traditional LVT glued flooring that can be installed for a long time without transition strips, ideal for homes with open floor plans and homes with elderly or people with special needs. Tile can be installed with or without grout.

To keep your vinyl planks looking like new, use a broom, vacuum cleaner, or microfiber sweeper for a quick clean. For a deeper clean, a damp mop and mild detergent will get the job done. As a bonus, no waxing required! Additionally, vinyl flooring has a protective coating on it that allows it to maintain its shine for years to come.

Installing vinyl planks is much easier to install than hardwood and other types of flooring and can be completed by the homeowner or professional installer. If you choose to install it yourself, be sure to carefully follow the installation instructions from the manufacturer.

Choosing The Best Kitchen Flooring For You And For Your Home

Bonus: ADURA®APEX, ADURA®Max and ADURA®Rigid by ADURA® can be installed over existing hard floor surfaces, including those with grout lines (such as ceramic tiles). See the demo below!

Need help deciding which ADURA® vinyl plank option is right for you? Find out which ADURA® flooring best suits your lifestyle or find ADURA® by visiting a local retailer today.

Please fill out this form and a Representative will answer your questions via email within 24-48 business hours or call us at 1-800-356-6787 Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. EST. If you are a flooring retailer, learn more about the flooring supply in your store. Amazing detail. Gorgeous style. High performance. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and mounting options, any ADURA® luxury vinyl plank flooring will bring award-winning fashion to your home. All feature Microban® surface protection.

ADURA®Flex Comes with ScratchResist®X, the best anti-scratch product on the market Tiles can be installed with or without grout Traditional glue-coated LVT floors

Master Design Home Living Collection Distressed Snowy Hickory Rigid Core 9

Microban® helps keep your floors cleaner by providing 24/7 protection against bacterial growth and remains 99% cleaner than untreated surfaces.

Independently certified by SCS to comply with California’s Section 01350 Volatile Organic Compound Emissions Program

ADURA®APEX offers worry-free, premium style with on-trend style and modern colors. Trendy wide and long planks, variable width planks, embossed detail on the registers and painted bevels ensure these vinyl plank floors look nothing short of amazing. All APEX floors feature Microban® surface protection.

ADURA®Max is available in today’s most popular trims and features our innovative HydroLoc™ waterproof core—making it the perfect choice for your toughest rooms. The result is a beautiful, durable, quiet and comfortable floor that can be used immediately. ADURA®Max can meet the needs of the most active households and offers the industry’s best resistance to abrasion, scratches and stains. All ADURA®Max floors feature Microban® surface protection.

Adura Max Luxury Vinyl Heritage Flooring Mannington Adura Keck Furniture

Making sure our floors are waterproof and scratch-resistant is a huge plus for us. I also like the quiet when we walk on it. My husband and I are very pleased with this floor and how beautiful it looks in our home.

What sets the ADURA®Rigid apart is that the solid core gives the floor outstanding resistance to indentation and it does not need to be acclimated before installation and it can withstand wide temperature ranges, for example. like a cabin in the middle of winter or a closed hallway in Florida on a hot summer day. All ADURA®Rigid floors feature Microban® surface protection.

ADURA®Flex is a stable and reliable glued floor that can be installed for a long time without transition strips, ideal for homes with open floor plans. You can create a variety of patterns with ADURA®Flex, including herringbone for the wood look and subway tile for the brick look. All ADURA®Flex floors feature Microban® surface protection.

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