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For us urbanites, growing our own food can seem like a distant reality – we don’t all have direct sunlight streaming through our windows to keep our balconies, gardens or basil plants alive. But thanks to these local companies, you can bring pockets of green into your home with easy, no-fuss indoor gardening kits. And as an added bonus, after a few months, you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Home Gardening Kit Singapore

Growing plants, herbs, vegetables and fruit isn’t rocket science, but if you need more help for less, check out Easy Grow. The company relies on hydroponics, which uses mineral nutrient solutions in an aqueous solvent. This means zero soil, less water and fewer pesticides for efficient results. Start with the Basic Hydroponic Mini Garden ($68), which combines a soilless planter with a self-watering system, a built-in water level sensor with an LED light to alert you when the water is low, and a large reservoir of nutrient solution. . up to one liter for a two-week water supply. Using hydroponics, you can grow leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and juicy fruits such as strawberries and tomatoes.

Grow Your Own Aromatherapy Herb Garden Kit

Start your gardening journey with Super Farmers, a local wellness company that hopes to improve your lifestyle through nutrition and food. One easy way to do this is with a well-designed urban farming kit ($45 for a kang kong, Chinese cabbage and Chye Sim kit), which comes with organic soil, easy-to-use seed sticks and great growth. will come. a guide to your harvest. You don’t need a lot of space either; the packaging is small and portable enough to be placed anywhere in the house. Each kit is also collected by underprivileged women of AMKFSC COMNET Senior Service, an initiative supporting underprivileged seniors.

Gardening requires patience; it takes time for a seed to germinate and grow. But for those impatient to see results, microgreens offer a faster alternative. These small seedlings are grown in small pots and harvested after two to four weeks, when the plant leaves. Everything Green is the largest supplier of organic microgreen seeds in Singapore and has a variety of starter kits to start your growing journey. The Microgreens Grow Bag (starting at $4) takes all the fuss out of gardening: just open the bag, grab some water, sow the seeds, and get ready to enjoy a nutritious crop.

Not a fan of sprinkling dirt and getting your hands dirty? Eco City Hydroponics offers a Hydroponics Hobby Kit (from $35) that replaces the risk of soil-borne pests and diseases with nutrient-rich water. In fact, plants grown hydroponically have a faster growth rate than greens grown in soil. Each kit comes with a pot of potting solution and the nutrient solution needed to keep the plants growing and healthy.

Think of Go Pasar as a carousel for home grown plants. Its founders, a group of five urban farmers, discovered that there was no market in Singapore for like-minded people to learn more about urban gardening and sourcing gardening supplies. From his list, you can buy the beginner-friendly Garden-nerd Grow Kit ($75), which includes pots, seeds, fertilizer, gardening gloves, and 90 to 95 percent germination of seeds. comes with If the harvest is bountiful, the website has a section for urban farmers to barter, trade, or donate their harvest to others so they can share in the joy of Mother Nature.

Buy Plants & Pots

You don’t need a green thumb to farm – Crops and Co hopes to make farming easier and prove that anyone can grow their own food. To spice up your meal, start with your own chili mix ($9.80) for fresh chili, or choose the Basic Starter Kit ($12.80) with soil and an eco-friendly paper container. All seeds come in a SeedCell shell made from a natural pulp material that absorbs the moisture needed to aid in the seed germination process.

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Subscribe to our newsletter to enjoy the best out there – it costs nothing. Hydroponics is a type of gardening that does not use soil, but instead grows plants in a solution of water and nutrients. sad In recent years, there has been a growing trend of hydroponic systems. A hydroponic system is a way to grow plants and vegetables faster and at any time of the year. In addition, plants grown in this way usually produce more, require less space, and conserve soil and water. If you don’t have an outdoor garden, but want to try your hand at growing plants or vegetables, a hydroponic system is a great choice! Check out our guide to find the best hydroponic systems in Singapore. Better yet, all of these hydroponic systems are available on Shopee!

This 4 tier hydroponics NFT system comes with a height adjustable LED grow light. Each floor has 12 beautifully covered mesh pots. You also get a ton of goodies with your purchase! This includes LECA balls, small caster wheels, tubes, joints, end caps, hydroponics nutrients made in Australia, as well as four small packets of vegetable seeds. So this hydroponic system is a great starter kit for those who are too lazy to find what they need elsewhere.

Simple Home Gardening Tips To Grow Food In Singapore

Additionally, customer reviews indicate that this system is easy to assemble and the assembly instructions are clear. So this all-in-one system is great for hydroponics enthusiasts!

This hydroponics system is a great starter kit that includes everything you need to start hydroponic farming. The 4-tire system comes with instructions and videos to guide you through installation and get the system ready to start farming at home. 4 tiers come with 12 mesh pots per tier. This means you have a total of 48 mesh pots per system, perfect for a home gardener like yourself.

Overall, this is a low-maintenance vertical hydroponic system that saves time and space. It uses the NFT hydroponics method, which accelerates growth, improves yields and prevents many soil-borne insects and pests. Also, with LED grow lights, you don’t have to worry about the lack of natural sunlight needed for healthy plant growth.

With your purchase you get 8 LED grow lights, 48 ​​mesh pots (12 per tray), 4 casters, 1 water pump, 1 voltage regulator, 4 Leka balls, 1 A and B powder nutrients ( 500 ml). 1 measuring cup (50 ml), 2 packets of seeds as well as wells 1 universal adapter.

Legrow Modular Indoor Garden System For Home Decor Low Maintenance

This plug and grow hydroponics system is 2 or 3 tiers and uses the NFT hydroponics method. The device comes with a water pump and timer, so you never forget to water your plants even on busy days.

Included with your purchase are planters, water pump, timer, DC adapter, 3-pin plug adapter, mesh pot, clay balls, sponge cube for seed germination, as well as fertilizer solution. With so many things provided, this hydroponic system is suitable for growing herbs, vegetables and fruit plants.

This Indoor Smart Garden is one of the cheapest options out there. For under $100, you’ll experience the joy of growing and eating safe, pesticide-free, fresh herbs and vegetables!

This hydroponic system comes with an LED grow light as well as an English manual and video to learn how to set up the LED grow lights automatically.

Standard Hydroponics Kit

According to the investigation, a user used a smart indoor garden to grow thyme, basil and lettuce in his HDB kitchen, and in less than a month, he had enough lettuce to make sandwiches for his family. Better yet, because it was grown in a clean, controlled environment, the lettuce didn’t need to be soaked before eating!

BloomBox is a smart planting technology that helps grow food at home. Made by Geekbite, this unit looks very clean and aesthetically pleasing, which is great for those looking for something to fit into a modern home.

The unit comes with Smart LEDs, auto on/off to maximize plant growth, automatic low water reminder to remind you to water your plants, and a unique Organic Coconut Husk soil that is resistant to bacteria.

With BloomBox, you get a number of freebies in the package, including lettuce seeds and cabbage seeds, liquid fertilizer and a hands-free planter. This hydroponic system for under $80 is definitely a great deal!

Hydroponic Garden Review 2022

This indoor smart garden hydroponic kit from local seller comes with 2 pin power adapter, 3 planters.

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