Home Kitchen Kolkata – DS INFRA is the best kitchen interior designer in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and many other places. We design our customers’ kitchens according to their needs. Not only cooking, but also offers home interior design, office interior design, etc. We offer many types of kitchen interior design such as traditional kitchen, modern kitchen, industrial kitchen, electric kitchen, farmhouse kitchen and many other types of kitchens.

Also, we designed the interior to give positive vibes to our customers. It helps them to reduce their work stress and other stress.

Home Kitchen Kolkata

There are many types of kitchen interior designs present in DS Infra. We design the kitchen according to the preferences of our customers. Below are some of the different types of kitchen interior designs:

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It is one of the most popular kitchen interior design styles. In this type of kitchen, natural materials are mainly used for drawers, cupboards, etc. In addition, soft and muted colors are used in traditional kitchens. There are many benefits of a traditional kitchen such as warm, cozy, versatile, timeless, etc.

The modern kitchen is a very popular kitchen interior design style. This type of kitchen generally had flat surfaces, geometric shapes and little or no ornamentation. Also, dark wood or black cabinets are used in modern kitchens. In addition, this type of kitchen contains smooth stainless steel appliances, fresh white countertops and many other features. Modern kitchens are easy to use and durable. In addition, it contains advanced technology and modern appliances. So it is very helpful and friendly for our customers.

The industrial kitchen is a type of commercial kitchen. This type of kitchen is mainly used in restaurants, hotels, bars and many other places. The industrial kitchen contains sturdy knobs, sturdy handles, stainless steel finish, a food storage area and many other things. The industrial kitchen helps to take advantage of the kitchen space. In addition, it helps to increase work efficiency, cooking speed, food preservation, etc.

The electric stove is also a type of commercial stove but contains more energy efficient appliances. This type of kitchen contains electrical heating devices such as electric stoves, heat pumps, etc.

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There are many benefits of choosing the best kitchen interior designer in Kolkata. When you choose any service, you always try to choose a better one. Because we always want to choose a better service at affordable prices. In addition, you can display your kitchen in a unique and beautiful way. You can present your kitchen in an attractive way.

The kitchen plays the main role in presenting the value of your home. A beautiful kitchen attracts people’s attention. Thus, it helps increase the value of your home. Thus, you can design your kitchen to increase the value of your home.

When you can design your kitchen with an interior designer or an expert, they can make your kitchen as functional as possible. For example, they can help you add more cabinets in your kitchen or more storage.

If you design your kitchen with an interior designer, you can increase the storage capacity of your kitchen. They can help you organize large and small storage drawers and cabinets to improve storage capacity.

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DS INFRA is the best interior design company, which offers you the interior design of the residential part and commercial part of your property at affordable prices. When choosing any company or service, you always want to choose the best. Also, we received an award for ‘Best Interior Designer in Kolkata’. We offer you interior design service with premium quality and pocket friendly prices. In addition, we offer you to review the final design of your dream home. In addition, we serve commercial projects. Thus, we also design the offices for our clients. In addition, DS Infra offers our customers who design their cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc. The best interior designer in Kolkata says that modular kitchen plays an essential role in interior design and decoration because we all need kitchens. Households choose many kitchen options in their homes, but their kitchen designs should be fluid, sophisticated and current.

Being the best interior designer in Kolkata, Spectrum Interiors has gone through many kitchen design projects in 2020 and can predict future trends. Usually, it has been seen that the design trends always change according to the demands of the market, and it is also not something new for modular kitchens. Based on its extensive experience, Spectrum Interiors will now share the latest modular kitchen design trends in the market in 2021. Homeowners should adopt these modular kitchen design trends in order to design a seamless, ergonomic and functional modular kitchen. full functions. their houses

Since most people were locked in their homes in the year 2020, the year 2021 will focus more on the environment and nature. Therefore, all interior design trends now focus on integrating nature into interior design and trying to somehow find the right balance between them.

2021 demands all kinds of simple modular kitchen design above all spatial interior design. Because these design trends are sustainable, many homeowners prefer to integrate this design into their kitchen spaces. The latest trends in modular kitchens are likely to be clutter-free and focus on promoting the main functions without including unnecessary things. Since there will be fewer decorative elements present in the kitchens, they are likely to provide more space and an elegant design. The best modular kitchen designer in Kolkata says that the serene look of the kitchens will make you cook your food in a tastier and more sophisticated way.

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Since everyone is wary of mother nature now, we tend to focus more on sustainable options for kitchens and integrate nature into them accordingly. Therefore, the latest trends in modular kitchens now include more natural elements. It’s like having natural color textures, drawing elements, etc. This also tends to form small plants inside kitchens that will add fresh oxygen and also blend well with nature.

Island style kitchen:  This modular kitchen is more common for Kolkata households as it is designed as an island. Consequently, you can create an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen like an island, which will not disappoint you.

Open style kitchen: Faced with the need to have more space, people now prefer more open modular kitchens in which they can move freely. Before, they used to behave like a functional area that only the kitchen department of the house had access to.

2021 is likely to be very colorful for modular kitchens from the perspective of market demands. Some of the latest color choices will be as follows, shared by the best interior designer in Kolkata.

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The best interior designer in Kolkata, Spectrum Interior, says that the type of finish in modular kitchens has been exceptional this year. People are now focusing on matte finish surface instead of glossy finish ones. Additionally, it has been found that people choose to mix textures that include elements such as wood, glass, bronze, marbles, etc.

Following the Covid-9 pandemic, people are now being warned to include handles in kitchens. Also, handles take up more space, so they are now switching to handleless accessories. It looks elegant and also practical because it prevents dirt from accumulating in the area.

Summarizing the facts mentioned above, we can say that modular kitchens will look for a tremendous change in 2021. This year, people are being more cautious, including natural elements and looking for more spaces. Hence, it is essential to consult the right interior designer in Kolkata who can understand and properly cater to your modular kitchen needs. Consider consulting Spectrum Interiors to execute your modular kitchen design project today.

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