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Smart Home Garden Watering System

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Any cookie that may not be strictly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data for analytics, advertising, other added content is called a non-essential cookie. You must obtain user consent before running these cookies on your website. If you are a gardener, you will know that plants do not grow by themselves. Of all the things you need in your garden, water is especially important. Powered by smart technology, SmartGarden’s smart home watering system helps ensure that your lawn, vegetables and flower beds get the right amount of water. In the HomGar app, you can set up to six watering schedules per day. The smart water timer automatically turns the water on and off at the desired time. Additionally, you can also choose from 2 different modes (water and false) to control the amount of water released by your system.

The smart watering system also comes with a soil sensor – based on the sensor readings, the water timer controls the duration of the watering schedule to prevent overwatering. Command to start or stop watering remotely. And thanks to the rain delay function, you can delay your watering schedule for up to 24 hours when needed. All measurements are shown on the weather station’s intuitive color display, as well as in the app, enabling you to keep track of what’s happening in your garden – even when you’re away from home. You can also use the app to view statistics on your daily and monthly water usage.

To ensure that you are not caught unaware of the weather, the smart home watering system also displays a graphical weather forecast with the probability of rain. And if you’re not sure how many layers to wear, it also has a thermo-hygro wireless sensor that measures local temperature and outdoor humidity. On cold winter days, as soon as the temperature drops below 3°C, the frost alarm appears on the display.

In addition to keeping tabs on the weather in your garden, it’s also important to monitor indoor temperature and humidity to ensure that you maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. For this purpose, the base station is equipped with a built-in thermo-hygro sensor that provides a reliable measurement of the environmental conditions of your home. It also has a comfort level indicator, which shows an emoji showing whether you need to ventilate your room.

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Save your time, water and money – keep your garden in perfect condition with the Smart Garden smart home watering system.

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©2022 GmbH. All rights reserved. All logos and trademarks contained in this site are the property of their respective owners. Coupon numbers are not redeemable for already reduced merchandise, offers and seconds. When it comes to an indoor garden, experts suggest considering the time and space you want to dedicate to it. Before investing in one. farm stand ; Courtesy of Tropical Gardens

It may come as a surprise, but for those of us who don’t have the luxury of a sunny backyard, an indoor garden is just as possible as an outdoor one. Whether you’re looking for a way to combat rising grocery costs or hoping to add fresh vegetables and herbs to your meals without those last-minute supermarket trips, an indoor gardening system can work ( fair) painless and direct way of your practice. A new found green thumb. Many come with all of your indoor gardening essentials already built in, including grow lights, self-watering containers and auto timers.

The Best Garden Watering System

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To help beginners get started with indoor gardening, we consulted experts like Julie Bowden-Davies (a master gardener behind SiteHealthy Houseplants and author of “Indoor Gardening the Organic Way”), Jane Freemark (indoor Greens), Angela Judd (founder of the blog Glowing in the Garden and author of “How to Grow Your Own Food”) and Ashley Thomas (a professional gardener who runs the blog The Mocha Gardener and By speaking with the author of “How to Grow a Garden,” we learned about the basics of indoor gardening and what to look for when choosing the right gardening system for your space.

Based on our expert guidelines, all of the indoor garden kits below offer one of the four main growing systems that can support indoor gardens, including hydroponics, soil-based and aeroponics. Most of the indoor garden kits below either come with built-in grow lights – which our experts strongly recommend – or you can buy them separately through the brand.

“In my opinion, AeroGarden has the most advanced technology, especially in the area of ​​lighting and hydroponics,” Boden-Davis said. The Harvest Elite can grow fresh vegetables and herbs in any climate without direct sunlight and has a stainless steel base that uses a hydroponic growing system. It also has high-efficiency LED grow lights that automatically turn on and off via a customized timer, according to the brand. The 6-pod herb seed kit includes thyme, curly parsley, dill, Thai basil, Genovese basil and mint, and the digital display automatically reminds you when to add water and plant food to help the herbs grow.

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This soil-based system features an automatic watering planter and built-in LED grow lights. You can choose from over 60 pre-seeded biodegradable plant pods (or use your own seeds) and insert them into the plant. You then add water to the tank – which the brand says holds enough for a month – and use the water float indicator to monitor the overall water level over time. It comes with nine free plant pods: three mini tomatoes, three green lettuces and three basil pods. If you’re hoping for a more app-friendly gardening system, the brand released The Smart Garden 9 PRO, which allows app-controlled grow lights and schedules.

This hydroponic garden by Rise Garden can serve as both an indoor gardening system and a stylish piece of furniture. It can hold up to 12 plants, and the included starter kit comes with eight seed pods for various vegetables and herbs and a month’s supply of nutritional pods. The garden also features a smart self-watering system that gives your plants the right amount of water and nutrients over time — you’ll only need to add nutrients and water to your garden once a week, according to the brand. . Water levels, LED grow light settings and nutrient levels can all be monitored and controlled either via voice commands via Amazon Alexa or the Rise Gardens mobile app, which the brand says can also help keep an eye on your plants. Well, know what to do. At each stage of growth and reminds you when to add water and nutrients. The brand also offers large indoor gardening systems, including double family gardens and triple family gardens.

Lettuce Grow’s The Farmstand is a self-watering and self-fertilizing hydroponic system that grows plants in nutrient-rich water without soil both indoors and with the separate purchase of the brand’s LED Grow Light Rings. “It’s a comprehensive yet user-friendly gardening kit that comes with pretty much everything you need to grow some vegetables, herbs, flowers and even fruit,” Thomas said, adding that it’s perfect for small spaces. can be great for It’s made with recyclable packaging and is available in five different sizes, from a 12-plant capacity to a 36-plant system, and you can grow a variety of non-GMO vegetables, herbs and leafy greens of your choice. The brand suggests adding water to the tank, adding nutrients and checking and adjusting the pH level once a week. Farm stands can also be assembled below

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