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We all know that gardening is an exercise of patience. It’s easy to say but very frustrating to implement. For the last 5 years, we have a linden plant with a total yield of 2 limes in our garden. For a lime or any other fruit plant/tree to bear fruit, it must first bloom (DUH) and I understand how there is a complete shortage of flowers in shrubs.

Vegetable Gardening Youtube

Mogra (Jasmine in Arabic) vines suffered the same frustration. Over the years, I have bought at least 3-4 of these plants fondly. Come summer (the peak bloom season) and all the plants wiggle their thumbs and twist under the infestation of the scariest white pests. I can’t tell you how disappointing this has been.

Is Morning Or Afternoon Sun Better For Vegetable Garden?

Some days creativity is low and you want to watch/read other things for inspiration. I watched Home Gardening videos in India on Youtube to regain my gardening mood and more specifically to care for my lemon and mogra plants.

Over the next few days, I watched more and more Home Gardening India videos, mostly from the Indian Subcontinent. It was like Ali Baba stumbled upon a cave full of treasures.

I watched a lot of channels about Home gardening in India and added to my favourites. Facts were mostly filmed with a phone, some even self-shot holding a cell phone with one hand. You can tell since the host only uses one hand to mix and never shows his face.

These are not TASTY type plastic, perfectly packaged videos but the real deal. Even if you don’t actively garden, you will be addicted. These channels are incredibly popular because in less than a year some of these channels have more than 1,00,000 subscribers. As a youtuber, I can say that this is a great success.

School Vegetable Gardens

Also, since these home gardening videos are from the Jugaad-dominated Indian Subcontinent, most of these videos feature easy, DIY methods using readily available materials and equipment.

And if you must know, I’m happy to announce that after watching at least 5 different videos, each of which is about reviving mogra and lemon plants, they started showing great signs of improvement within a week. The mogra plant has many buds (see image above) and the linden bush blooms well. At this rate, I can expect to harvest lime after 4-5 months. (Didn’t I mention it’s a patience exercise?)

My favorite gardening channel is definitely Gardening is my Passion. The person behind this channel is Dr. Surja Prakash is Agarwala. His attention to detail reflects his passion and disposition to teach his audience everything he knows about gardening. I tried the seed collection method from a store where I bought red bell peppers and after 10 days I have the cutest little seedlings growing in paper cups. We have at least 15 saplings to be planted in the future.

This video will convince you that if you have an old battered bucked and a few sprouted potatoes, you can have a bountiful harvest of potatoes on your balcony or in the corner of your apartment.

How To Start A Vegetable Garden

Manju Handa’s channel does not give any details about his location. But he speaks Hindi with a nice Punjabi accent. It’s a motherly gyaan and a friendly tone that has earned some of her videos more than a million views. Using snack packs as grow bags is the best recycling tip for Indian moms! I immediately remembered the old nurseries in Mumbai selling little saplings in milk bags by the roadside.

Another gardening channel I guess from India (no details in the About section) is from this friendly gentleman who guides the audience with detailed videos and voiceovers. Tips like ‘growing tomatoes from tomatoes’ that piqued all my curiosity. He also has videos on growing capsicum from capsicum and capsicum from capsicum. That way, when life gives you a really juicy, flavorful tomato and there’s nothing stopping you from growing your own batch of tomatoes from those seeds.

I came here thanks to the Mogra care video and as you can see in my pictures I have successfully followed some of his tips. Oddly enough, the video that appears to have the most views (7 million+) on his channel is a palmistry related video! The video I found very useful on this channel ‘How to prune tomato seedlings’

What makes his channel stand out are the innovative (sometimes clickbait) subtitles in Hindi. To see ऐसा करने से मोगरा/jadine पर आऐंगे इतने फ़ूल कि स मोहल्ला मोहल्ला उठेग उठेग उठेग उठेग उठेग उठेग उठेग उठेग उठेग उठेग फ़ूल फ़ूल फ़ूल उठेग उठेग उठेग उठेग फ़ूल फ़ूल फ़ूल फ़ूल फ़ूल फ़ूल फ़ूल फ़ूल फ़ूल फ़ूल फ़ूल फ़ूल फ़ूल फ़ूल उठेग उठेग उठेग उठेग उठेग आऐंगे आऐंगे उठेग उठेग उठेग gives some solid and useful tips for a gardener.

Best Home Gardening Youtube Channels From India That You Must Follow

Not exactly gardening videos but Nikunj Vasoya’s farm cooking videos are the most relaxing thing on the internet. Not talking at all, bird sounds, an old well, and cooking with all the basic equipment and ingredients are the things I love about these videos. In the description of this channel it says “World’s 1st Food Network located and operated in a small village”. You have to be very patient to watch these videos, which continue at their own curvy pace for about 20 minutes. But that’s one of the reasons I love them, and I find them very calming. In this video, she cuts a cabbage from its leaves, plucks some hot peppers, pulls out a bunch of fresh garlic, and starts cooking a mouth-watering dish. I tried Sev tameta subzi from their videos and it tasted extremely good.

I add Izhar Ahmed’s channel from Pakistan as a bonus to this list. Although the language here is Urdu, if you understand Hindi you can understand their videos very well. Content is about Indian home gardeners. His videos are very practical and helpful. I watched a video on growing ginger and loved how it took us through the 6-8 month process, finally showing us that the weather and soil are not conducive to ginger. There was almost no growth. That honesty and making it real makes these types of channels really cute.

I hope you enjoyed my detailed list of the best Youtube channels to watch for Home Gardening in India – lots of tips, DIY, organic pest control and more!

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Christy shares her top tips to help you garden more successfully this year. What are your big plans, Q? We can help along the way.

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Consecutive Planting – divide an area by square feet and plant the first square feet. Then come back next week and sew the next one, and so on. Or plant seedlings of different ages from the nursery – someone older, someone newer, a baby. OR, sow seeds for something quick as mentioned in the video and go with something longer when done.

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Grow Something Local – find your local plant community (ours Theodore Payne Foundation) to see what grows best in your climate/hardiness zone.

Nourish the Soil – make compost, brew compost tea, start a worm bin. All of them will benefit your soil and plants.

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