Which Way Should Flooring Run – Wooden floors are sure to add a stunning ambiance to any room, including your bedroom. Once you find the right color and type of wood for your space, there is another option to consider. Deciding which way wooden floors should run in a bedroom can be a difficult task. We’ve done extensive research to bring you a list of wood flooring options for your bedroom.

The most popular way to install wood flooring is directly or vertically in your space. Another way to arrange the room is to place the wooden boards parallel to the longest wall.

Which Way Should Flooring Run

While this placement option may be aesthetically pleasing, there are other options. We’ll discuss several options for placing hardwood floors in your space, including:

Which Direction Should I Run My Hardwood Flooring

Deciding which way the wood floors should run in the bedroom is just one of the many decisions to be made. You may wonder if wood floors should run in the same direction throughout the house.

You may ask yourself if it is okay to change the direction of the wood floors between rooms, or which way the wood floors run in a hallway or a square room. We answer all these questions – keep reading!

Placing wooden floorboards in a rectangular room parallel to a long wall will add an elongated look to your space. It highlights the longest wall in your bedroom and adds a sense of drama.

As mentioned earlier in the article, this flooring is very popular and highly recommended because it is pleasing to the eye. Different wood colors combine to draw attention to this flooring arrangement.

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Wooden floorboards can run parallel to a shorter wall to make your shorter space feel a little bigger. The direction of the wooden planks can make the parallel wall a bit longer.

Placing furniture in the same direction can help make your room look more elongated. A mirror or glass wall can further add to the illusion of a larger or longer space.

Installing wooden floorboards in the direction of a natural light source, such as a window, is a popular choice. Placing planks in the direction of incoming light can create an elongated and smooth appearance.

This wood floor arrangement also adds a smooth path of light to your space. It can create an elegant and smooth look for your bedroom floor surface.

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Installing wooden floorboards to let natural light in can add a rustic feel to your space. This arrangement of wooden planks can create a textured, almost chipped look that will add a lot of charm to your bedroom.

Light reflection is interrupted when you place the planks against your natural light source. A rough and urban look can be achieved by placing the planks in this way, adding a personalized touch.

Laying wood flooring towards the focal point of the room draws the eye towards that object or room in your space. It can create an elongated illusion, making it the focal point of your room.

This look is quite effective, especially in a smaller space. It can also make the object or space in question more prominent. In the bedroom, this is often your bed.

Which Way Should A Hardwood Floor Run

Placing wooden floorboards diagonally across the focal point of the room can add a unique look to your space. This arrangement draws the eye from side to side and can create a more spacious appearance.

Objects can appear wider and larger with this flooring arrangement. Placing rugs in the same direction can further complement this look.

A herringbone pattern consists of a zigzag pattern where the end of one wooden plank meets the end of a separate wooden plank at a 90-degree angle. This look is edgy and unique and is sure to turn heads.

Even the most traditional room can be given a modern look by using herringbone flooring. This look goes well with any shade of wood flooring and in any light.

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At first glance, chevron wood flooring may look similar to herringbone flooring, as both have a stylish zigzag look. Chevron is slightly different from herringbone where the wood planks meet.

Where the herringbone planks meet at a 90-degree angle, the chevron style requires that the ends of the planks be cut at a 45-degree angle. The ends meet each other to create that characteristic zigzag look.

Another look that will make a huge impact on your bedroom is diagonal wood flooring. Diagonal wood flooring gives your room a subtle, dramatic look.

This look can emphasize the corner placement of furniture or draw attention away from uneven walls. Diagonal wood flooring can also add an expansive look to your room.

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This flooring pattern consists of wooden planks laid in geometric patterns. The arrangement of the parquet floors is elegant and awe-inspiring.

Use this striking flooring arrangement with any type of bedroom decor to make a big impression. Parquet floors have been around for centuries and still add a dramatic, fun look to your floors.

There is no rule that wood floors should be laid in the same direction throughout the home. High-traffic areas and common entrances can benefit from a co-directional layout.

Running wooden planks in different directions can be a tripping hazard. Placing a transition piece, such as a rug, can prevent accidents and improve the look of your home.

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Changing the direction of wooden floors between rooms can give your space a natural border. This method of flooring placement can create separation between rooms in your home.

Mixing the direction of wood floors between rooms can also add variety to the look of your home. Be careful when placing wood floors in high traffic areas in different directions.

The placement of wood panels determines how attention is drawn to your space. Short corridors look longer if you place the wooden floor parallel to the length of the hall.

Narrow corridors can benefit from flooring that runs from side to side instead of the length of the corridor. It makes a narrow space look bigger by drawing the eye to this layout pattern.

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If your room doesn’t have a long wall like a square room, decide what the focal point of your room will be. After choosing the focal point, you can decide on the direction of the flooring.

Placing the floor covering parallel to the focal point directs the eye to the object or room. Placing the floor covering perpendicular to the focal point draws the eye from side to side.

The wooden floor creates a beautiful warm atmosphere in every room. As with any aspect of home decorating, there are no real rules when it comes to installing hardwood floors.

Different layouts of wooden floors can create a special look in your room. We hope the above list of ways to use wood flooring in the bedroom has made your flooring project a success. The direction of the floorboards affects the overall look of the room and can be a difficult nut to crack.

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As a general rule, be sure to place the floor in the same direction as the main light source in the room and in line with the most frequently used entrance. If there are several doors and windows, choose the direction that is easiest to install. Do you want to add useful “optical effects” to your room? Then follow these three practical tips.

Should you, for example, install laminate flooring in a rather narrow hallway? Why not lay the floorboards horizontally! Boards placed by width make the surface wider, always avoiding the box effect. To enhance this further, do not use dark colors on the floor or walls as they will make a narrow space even narrower.

If you’re flooring a short space, you want to add a sense of depth. Make the room longer by installing the floor vertically. Do you want to increase the effect of a longitudinal installation? Be sure to combine a light floor with darker walls: this will add even more depth to your room.

To decorate a very small space with minimal extra effort or material costs, you can choose diagonal flooring. Most often at a 45-degree angle, it transforms the look of your room. Even at an angle of 10 degrees, the diagonal flooring helps to visually tie the wall to another room, creating a connecting effect: talk about opening up the room!

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