Abc Carpet And Home Nyc – Although ABC is one of the most popular stores in New York City, its owner and creative director, Paulette Cole, does not like to share what people do there

“I think of it as discovery and creation,” she explains. Since Cole began stocking homewares in her family’s carpet business in the 80s, visitors have discovered what they are getting: his globally sourced offerings are ‘ ran the gamut, including pottery, modern furniture, vintage lighting, and, of course, carpets.

Abc Carpet And Home Nyc

Cole was an early supporter of fair trade and responsibly sourced home goods, a philosophy she has stuck to over the decades. She has also been creating what we now call “experiential shops” long before that was a buzzword: In 2010, she teamed up with chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten to launch ABC Kitchen launched, which was then a bold concept. It is now one of three destination restaurants in the store, including the newest buzzy vegan spot abcV. It’s all part of Cole’s belief that “home truly begins within.” “

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Is a digital director. She oversees the brand’s digital content as well as working on the print magazine. She has covered design, interiors and culture for 10 years in New York. She served as associate market editor, design reporter, and news editor for

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33 Easter Games Everyone Will Want to Play 13 Home Decor Stores to Shop in New York City 60 of the Best Amazon Gifts for Mom Don’t Miss Brooklinen’s Surprise 20% Off Sale For New York designers, it’s almost ABC Carpet & Home needs no introduction – the iconic company began selling rugs in Manhattan’s Flatiron District in 1897, and has become a local staple. The company added to its footprint in 1985, when it opened a multi-level retail store over eight floors, a sprawling whole-home destination that is modeled after a bazaar – and, with amazing displays that is an ever-evolving, early model for experiential retailing.

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In recent years, however, ABC Carpet & Home has slowly phased out its brick-and-mortar presence. Between the two buildings, the company once boasted 230,000 square feet of retail space—a number that will widen eyes even outside of Manhattan. (For reference, RH’s flagship location in New York is 90,000 square feet.) In 2017, the company sold the top four floors to Normandy, a real estate developer, for $133 million; by early 2019, ABC had also closed its carpet store at 881 Broadway, remodeling its selection of carpets to fit on one floor of its four-story, 60,000-square-foot flagship building along the street.

ABC Carpet & Home now occupies the first four floors of 888 Broadway in New York, and continues to create whimsical scenes in its large window displays on Broadway and 19th Street. Courtesy of ABC Carpet + Home

After decades of focusing on the retail environment, the downsizing set the stage for the company’s account as its digital presence failed to deliver the same magic – and discoverability – that made the brand its original ambition. to give

Enter Aaron Rose, who joined ABC Carpet & Home as CEO in May 2019. With a resume that includes strategy and operations roles at J.Crew, West Elm, Pier 1 and Crate & Barrel, he joined the company focused on reinventing ABC’s digital experience to bridge the gap between the brand’s rich physical merchandising and its more anemic online presence. He also wanted to cross-pollinate the formats – bringing the physical store mentality into the digital realm while using technology to enhance the personal shopping experience.

Abc Carpet & Home New York City

. “Most businesses understood that, but some parts of the home were a little slower. That’s not to say that ABC didn’t do anything there, but we didn’t have meaningful communication with the user where they were. We depended on the user being able to access our store. “

Rose and his team brought in an outside agency with the goal of developing an online brand identity as unique as ABC’s physical storefront. “With online [retailers], there are a series of practices and principles used that [have] led to a level of homogenization of the site experience,” he said. “We didn’t want to replicate that – our store is the opposite of that. We certainly don’t want to make it difficult for someone to shop, but we wanted to put more value on brand communication, storytelling and positive breaking.”

Rose also built digital product and marketing teams, tasked with finding a balance between editorial content and e-commerce. (Images and video content have become key players in creating an immersive digital environment.) The first version of the new and improved site was launched, thankfully, at the end of February – just weeks before the coronavirus pandemic would close the brick-and-mortar store for good. for months.

The CEO also introduced Hero, a sales platform that allows in-store associates to communicate with customers online via live text, chat or video. Many of ABC’s salespeople have been with the company for more than 20 years, and Rose recognized that knowledge base as a huge asset: “The advantage of Hero is bringing their knowledge and [sales] support to the side digital, and until now. we have seen tremendous success.”

Abc Carpet And Home Outlet: Abc Carpet & Home Opens In Brooklyn

Teaching ex-employees to sell over text comes with a learning curve – when body language and tone are eliminated, it becomes much more difficult to determine where a client’s attention might be. need more. But despite the initial setbacks, sales have been steady, especially in the carpet sector. “We sell a lot of one-of-a-kind rugs [using Hero] because there are more options in the store than online,” Rose explained. “A client might say, ‘I really like something like this, but I need a different size, color or pattern,’ so it gets into consultative selling.” that’s what I think our partners really like to support.”

Rose’s approach is less about driving sales than sharing ABC’s story with people outside of New York, who can take advantage of a more familiar version of the brand’s offerings for the first time. “[For] other home brands, my sense is that their strategy is a little more focused on conversion, and we are concerned about that, but I put a higher emphasis on brand communication and editorial than some, ” he said. “We’re not just looking to move sales [online], but grow – the brand has a great track record in the New York metro area, but we’re excited to get outside the conurbations- experience that.”

The team’s challenge was to create a digital experience that captures the physical store’s linear approach to merchandising. Courtesy of ABC Carpet + Home

Metrics like brand engagement and emotional resonance are harder to measure than conversions, but by tracking metrics like page views, time spent on site and clickthroughs, Rose’s team keeps check whether or not users are finding what they are looking for, but also if they are browsing – a key KPI for Rose. (Finally, the ABC team plans to test some new products online before bringing them into the store. “We can test and learn without owning physical properties,” he says . “In the digital ecosystem, you can take risks, see what resonates with people, what works, what doesn’t.”)

American Ballet Theatre + Abc

The digital review also targets designers. In July, ABC launched a new program to unify its trading advantages on the home and carpet sides of the business, which includes a digital swatch library and an online interface for custom carpet designs. And Rose says there’s much more to come—both tools for online discovery and digital integration within the store itself that could add nuance to the customer experience. “We don’t want to make cool technology for cool’s sake,” he says. “We want to see what we’re fundamentally helping to solve and [whether we’re] doing it in a way that’s supportive.”

So far, ABC has seen a strong response from its online user base, with turnover up two and a half times, and revenue growth exceeding that. “We are happy with where we are and we see it as the start of a journey,” said Rose. “It’s a question of how it evolves and stays true to tradition, but keeps it modern. The balance of East and West, old and new, ancient and modern – that tension is what has always made the team great.”

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