Sell Your Second Hand Clothes – It not only cleans your house and makes you cash… but gives someone the option to buy used clothes from the comfort of their couch.

In fact, buying and selling used clothing is the single most important thing you can do to revive the fashion industry.

Sell Your Second Hand Clothes

This practice is a crucial pillar of sustainable and ethical fashion. And the best places to sell clothes online is a win-win for cluttered homes, cluttered wallets, and our rapidly cluttering planet.

Sell Your Old Clothes.

So, sit back, read, and then get ready to finally cross “clean closet” off your to-do list.

Not only are they one of the best places to sell clothes online, but they were one of the first.

What started as a men’s shirt swap has turned into an exclusive secondhand clothing sales platform for women and kids, boasting over two million items from ~35,000 brands.

Alternatively, you can order a donation kit where the same process will apply but instead of money in your pocket, they will donate $5 to a charity in your name.

Tips On How To Take Good Pictures Of Clothes To Sell

We’ll bet that the abundance of thrift stores in San Francisco was (at least in part) responsible for the inspiration behind the thredeup.

And using their platform is one of the easiest ways to sell clothing online, as the consignment model is based on proprietary world-class visual recognition technology that identifies each garment.

Committed to a sustainable fashion future, ThredUp is actively reducing the percentage (73%) of clothing that is incinerated or landfilled.

Partnering with many sustainable clothing brands, ThredUp offers to recycle clothing for money or store-specific credit if you order your clean out kit through the brand.

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The platform has more than 15 million users, most of whom (Gen Zers) reflect unique, quirky, and sometimes out-of-the-box options.

By selling unique and unusual used clothing through a social media-esque site, they say thrifting isn’t just for your grandma.

For those looking to combine selling clothes online with creating creative content, Depop is a low-risk/high-reward place to start.

With more than 25 million items from all brands—from ultra-posh Prada to fast fashion from Forever 21—there aren’t many clothes you can’t sell.

How To Sell Clothes Online

Millions of people sell used clothing online with Poshmark because the sale is in your hands, you can sell a lot, and you make most of the profit—they take a small fee ($2.95 for sales under $15, 20% for more sales). .

One of Poshmark’s biggest boons is price freedom. You set the price and decide how low you’ll go. Poshmark encourages haggling, so be prepared to haggle.

Buyers are given 3 days to “accept” and rate the item before you pay. If they don’t, Poshmark automatically releases the funds.

EBay is the world’s largest platform for online sales, and clothing is its #2 best-selling category (electronics is #1), with 20,000,000+ items under “fashion”.

Best Apps And Sites To Sell Clothes Online

The fee structure depends on the item category, but you can list <250 items monthly for free.

They use innovation and technology to help people build their own businesses on eBay, and have a range of awards to show for it, including the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for Responsible Business.

EBay is the “world’s online marketplace”, and thus one of the best online stores for selling clothes to the largest audience.

Most women have $1,000 worth of clothes in their closets, and Tradesy, as one of the best places to sell women’s clothing online, will help you realize that value in hard-cash.

The Best Places To Sell Your Used Clothing Online

Using funds from renting out her bedroom and selling artwork from her car, founder Tracy DiNunzio created Tradesy so women can access high-quality fashion without breaking the budget or our planet.

While they accept some mid-tier brands (like Zara and J Crew), their sticks are bags, shoes, clothing and accessories from designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry and Prada.

Tradesy enhances your item images to attract attention. Then you set the price or they choose it for you based on smart data.

Once you make a sale, Tradesy sends a prepaid shipping kit and you get most of the $$$ (via debit card, PayPal or ACH transfer).

Essential Secrets To Selling Your Clothes Online

Not only do they ensure that each piece is truly vintage, but each garment comes with a story, like who wore it or what happened to that 1970s fringed leather jacket.

One of the first online vintage stores, they’ve amassed quite a following—a huge backlog of items people hope to consign online.

While the barrier to entry at Refashioner is higher than other online consignment brands on this list, there are benefits if you succeed.

By targeting an audience interested in the past, it’s easy to sell niche items, like some avant-garde designer dress you found in your grandmother’s attic.

Thrift Shopping Is An Environmental And Ethical Trap

The RealReal is one of the world’s top authentic luxury online goods stores (also with four brick-and-mortar locations).

Based on the premise that “the future of fashion is circular,” they seek to empower both consignors and buyers to extend the life cycle of luxury shoes, clothing, jewelry, and handbags.

Not only has RealReal’s version of sustainable luxury allowed more people to access their favorite brands at better prices, but it has also had a significant positive impact on our environment.

So far, they have saved 756 million liters of water, 16,105 metric tons of carbon and made a conscious effort to support diversity.

Why Fashion Needs To Be More Sustainable

Your item will appear in relevant searches based on your selling location. People can contact you through Facebook to exchange and schedule a meeting. Make sure you take precautions for your safety.

If you want to take your Facebook sales to the next level, you can use Facebook Shop, which has associated costs.

If you want to sell used clothing online and do so without setting up an additional account or working out a complicated fee structure, Facebook Marketplace is the place for you.

The entire process takes no more than a few seconds and is all in your hands, making it one of the easiest and most stress-free processes – it’s also completely free.

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As the USA’s most popular website for selling clothing online, Mercari lists over 50 million app downloads and 350K+ new items every day.

Just take a few pictures, enter item details (some can autofill based on algorithmic patterns of similar past items), set your price and post.

Mercari is not just a website for selling clothes, but just about anything you want to declutter, including home decor, old electronics, collectibles, housewares and more.

Unlike many other sites for selling clothes online, you can choose from any of the three main shipping providers to keep costs down depending on the size and weight of your item – thus increasing the likelihood of a sale.

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Mercari Local eliminates unnecessary shipping emissions by connecting you with local sellers. But unlike other local trading platforms, exchanges are contactless and secure by both parties exchanging payments through the app first.

Features like buyer protection, authentication services for designer products and Buy Now, Pay Later plans make it just as straightforward and safe for buyers.

So you feel motivated to a) tackle the pile of random clothes hanging in the back of your closet; and b) build the resale empire of your dreams (or, put some green in your eco-friendly wallet while keeping clothes out of landfills).

Awesome, but how does one actually do it and what is the easiest way to sell clothes online?

How To Sell Clothes Online And Make Money Fast! (2023)

Reselling clothes is like using thrift shopping tips: knowing the secret sauce can really increase your chances of success.

The bar is high, and if you plan to sell that old leather jacket, you better make sure your photos are sharp. Think about what

Take shots from plenty of angles, keep a neutral background and use good lighting. Natural light is best, (ideally near a window during the “golden hour”).

The best way to sell used clothing is how it looks on the person, not on the hanger. People are more likely to buy something if they can see themselves in it.

How To Sell Your Old Clothes For Money!

Be as specific and detailed as possible with descriptions, especially any faults, wear or defects. Lying about authenticity or status is not only bad juju, it builds trust but good reviews.

Often people will ask you for measurements, so save the extra measurements and put the basic measurements (inseam, waist, sleeve length, chest width, etc.) in the jump description.

This is especially important if women’s clothing is sold online (because we all know that women’s sizes follow no logic).

This should go without saying, but clothes should be clean and wrinkle-free when you send them out.

How To Sell Clothes Online: Depop, Poshmark, And Mercari

Posting a link on Poshmark or Depop is a great way to get traffic from people you know. People buy clothes from people they know. Maybe your friend doesn’t know you’re selling that skirt she’s loved for ages.

Let the image of 1.5 Empire State Buildings of discarded clothing sink in for a moment…

While much of this textile waste occurs not at the consumer level, but at the production level (fabric offcuts, deadstock clothing, etc.), we still have power.

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